Kemp Street Suite of Projects

The Kemp Street Suite of Projects is the name given to several City of Hobart projects occurring in the Kemp Street area.

Project update

A new amenities block featuring toilets and showers, a parenting room, and Tasmania’s first Changing Places room for people with disability is now open for use at the Argyle Street Car Park.

The Changing Places room caters for people with high needs and is part of a national accreditation program to improve accessibility for people of varying abilities. For more information on Changing Places, visit

The previous Argyle Street Car Park toilets were decommissioned in April to make way for the new and improved facilities.

The next major phase of the Kemp Street upgrade will involve the installation of underground waste compactors (see further information downpage).

Last updated 12 June 2019


Kemp Street is located in the city heart. It sits within the block bounded by Collins, Argyle, Liverpool and the Elizabeth Street Mall. It can be accessed by vehicles from Collins Street, and by pedestrians from all surrounding streets. Kemp Street also provides a direct pedestrian connection to the Argyle Street Car Park and public amenities.

The Kemp Street area is a place where many city activities come together. The street itself is a small but busy urban connector that provides access for surrounding businesses and for pedestrians moving through Wellington Court, Elizabeth Mall, the Argyle Street Car Park and Hobart’s public and private hospitals. It is a major link to all of the walkways that cross through the city block to the surrounding streets and into the city’s shopping precinct.

What is happening?

The City of Hobart is revamping the Kemp Street area. The Kemp Street Suite of Projects will provide contemporary, better-quality public facilities, an improved shared-use public street space, improve safety for pedestrians, and visually enhance the streetscape producing a more vibrant multi-use inner city space.

The Kemp Street Suite of Projects are:

  • A new amenities building comprising:

Public toilets
Three new access toilets
A large parenting room with changing, feeding and washroom facilities
A public shower room
A ‘Changing Places’ room (high needs accessible change, toilet and shower room)
Council offices for Parking and City Cleansing staff

  • A new pedestrian access from Argyle Street to the Car Park lift and stair lobby
  • Upgraded stormwater management through Kemp Street
  • Replacement of garbage skips with a high-tech underground compaction system
  • Enhanced and safer pedestrian access
  • Landscaped seating spaces
  • Revised traffic flow and parking


Waste compactors

Two underground waste compactors have been installed in Kemp Street and will soon be available to service nearby businesses.

One will be used to dispose of general waste, with the other to take mixed recyclable materials. They will be accessed via above-ground chutes coloured red for general waste and yellow for recycling.

Swipe cards will be required to access the compactors. To make a request for these please complete the online form.


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