Transport Strategy

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The City of Hobart has developed a Transport Strategy for Hobart, identifying nine key themes for a comprehensive, multilayered approach to addressing Hobart's current and future transport needs.

As Hobart grows, reliable, affordable and connected public transport will be vital to maintaining a city that that is livable and in which people can move around quickly, safely and sustainably.

The Hobart Transport Strategy outlines the key areas that the City of Hobart must address to achieve integrated and sustainable transport solutions, to support growth in the city's population and the economy while holding on to what makes Hobart special and unique. It identifies the need for the Tasmanian State Government and the Australian Government need to invest in public and active travel services and solutions for Greater Hobart in order to deliver the strategy.

From September 2016 to July 2017, the City of Hobart undertook extensive research and community and stakeholder consultation in relation to transport issues. This was followed by the Hobart Vision project, which identified the community's desires for the future of Hobart. The Transport Strategy reflects the outcomes of these two consultation projects and aligns with the goals and strategic objectives contained in the Capital City Strategic Plan 2019-29.

The Transport Strategy is aligned with the requirements of the Tasmanian Government, the Australian Government and other local councils, all of whom have responsibilities for land use planning, infrastructure and transport networks.

The Hobart Transport Strategy is divided into three parts:

  • Part One summarises Hobart's current transport situation and why the City is developing a new Transport Strategy. It also outlines the strategy development process, the issues and priorities identified by the community and stakeholders and the principles that guided the development of the actions in the draft strategy.
  • Part Two identifies nine Strategic Focus Themes and the suggested Transport Strategy actions.
  • Part Three focuses on actions in an implementation plan that is currently being developed.

Hobart Transport Strategy 2030

The Transport Strategy Themes document(PDF, 2MB) was adopted by Council in October 2018.

View the Transport Strategy themes snapshot(PDF, 26KB)

Background documents

Community briefing sheet(PDF, 373KB)

School briefing sheet(PDF, 750KB)

Business briefing sheet(PDF, 235KB)