Transport Strategy

City of Hobart Transport Strategy 2018-30

The City of Hobart has started to develop a Transport Strategy to plan for the future transport needs of our community and to support growth in our population and the economy.

On any given day Hobart may host up to 48,700 residents, 46,000 workers, 33,000 students and a large number of shoppers and tourists. The safety and efficiency of the city’s transport and road network is vital to the whole community - businesses, residents, road users, transport operators, parents and school children, the government sector, tourists and visitors.

It is essential to involve the community in discussions on how these sometimes conflicting needs can be met over the next 15 years. It is important to have an understanding of the full breadth of issues, views and ideas, based on different health and education needs, age groups, occupations and day-to-day activities, so that we can develop the best strategies for our transport network.

It is important that the City of Hobart’s Transport Strategy effectively integrates with the policies and activities of the state government, the federal government, and other local councils, all of whom have responsibilities for land use planning, infrastructure and transport networks and services.

Transport Strategy Report(PDF, 5MB) considered by the Council’s City Infrastructure Committee in July 2016 provides further information on the development of the strategy and the community engagement program.

How will the Transport Strategy be developed?

Developing the Transport Strategy is a big and complex task and it will be important to engage with all sectors of the community to identify issues. Not everyone will want to comment on every aspect of the strategy so the community engagement program will be developed into modules for comment and discussion.

Name of Module

Anticipated Timeframes
for release and engagement             

Consultation Papers

Freight, Port and Air  October 2016 Freight, Port and Air Consultation Paper(PDF, 2MB)
Private Transport March 2017 Private Transport Consultation Paper(PDF, 5MB)
Public Transport May 2017 Public Transport Consultation Paper(PDF, 5MB)
Local Area Traffic Management  July 2017 Local Area Traffic Management Consultation Paper(PDF, 3MB)


Opportunity to provide feedback will be through the City of Hobart’s 'Your Say Hobart' website, meetings and public forums. Notification of the community engagement will be through the City’s website, social media, information in City of Hobart buildings and facilities and public notices in The Mercury.

When the four community engagement modules have been completed the feedback will be brought together with further technical research to form the draft Transport Strategy for the City of Hobart 2018–30.

There will be another opportunity for the community to comment on the draft Transport Strategy before it is finalised. The target date for releasing the final Transport Strategy is the beginning of 2018.

For more information contact the City’s Transport Engineer, Stuart Baird via email to