Review of the Three Rivulet Plans 2016

The City of Hobart  has three primary rivulets:  Hobart Rivulet, New Town Rivulet and Sandy Bay Rivulet, which flow from the upper slopes of kunanyi/Mt Wellington to the River Derwent.

Over the past 20 years the Council has adopted three plans that either provide the planning framework for development and management of reserves along the three rivulets, or consider the potential for creation and expanding rivulet reserves.

The Review of the Three Rivulet Plans evaluates progress with the implementation of recommended actions contained in each plan, reprioritises those actions not yet achieved, and identifies new issues which may have emerged since the plans were completed. 

Please note: the Sandy Bay Rivulet Linear Park Feasibility Study 2006 and the Sandy Bay Rivulet Park – Review of Community Feedback November 2007 must be read in unison in accordance with a Council resolution.

The New Town Rivulet Linear Park Plan is a scanned version of the original, printed document. We do apologise for the poor quality of this document, while we arrange for a better quality version to be uploaded.