Parking - A Plan for the Future

Parking - A Plan for the Future 2013

The Hobart City Council controls many thousands of parking spaces on all of its highway reservations and in its off-street car parks, the most important of which are located within and adjacent to the CBD, Sullivans Cove and the shopping centres of North Hobart and Sandy Bay.

The future strength of economic activity within the City of Hobart is closely connected to the supply and management of these parking spaces. While this may be obvious on a superficial level, the relationship is often complex and can be heavily influenced by personal decisions made by drivers and their passengers, which in turn are often based on perceptions as opposed to the reality of parking opportunities particularly in and near to the Hobart CBD.

The purpose of Parking - A Plan for the Future 2013(PDF, 4MB) is to provide Council and the community with information and recommended actions that will lead to best practice in the future management of its parking resources.