Local Retail Precincts Plan

In 2015, the Council considered a report which proposed the development of a Local Retail Precincts Plan to identify, describe and prioritise actions to revitalise the City's infrastructure at many of the significant non-CBD shopping strips.

The City of Hobart engaged consultants MRCagney, working with Hobart-based firm Inspiring Place to develop and prepare a draft Local Retail Precincts Plan. The consultants developed a report which included A Plan for Hobart's Local Retail Precincts. The Council considered the report in December 2015, and resolved to endorse A Plan for Hobart's Local Retail Precincts as the framework for developing the City's significant local retail precincts.

A Plan for Hobart's Local Retail Precincts(PDF, 4MB) was based on a review of the situation in each area and identified specific works, expected benefits and estimated costs of improving the City's infrastructure at each of the selected shopping strips.

The Plan suggests a priority for infrastructure upgrades to enable planning and integration of the works within the Council's future capital works programs. A range of issues need to be considered in determining the potential benefits of retail precinct revitalisation, including the extent and costs of the works, expected impacts, stakeholder issues and prioritisation of projects. The involvement of the local community (particularly the retailers in these areas), in developing the Plan has been very important.

Find out more about each of the individual projects below.

New Town retail precinct upgrade

South Hobart retail precinct upgrade

Elizabeth Street (Midtown) retail precinct upgrade

Lenah Valley retail precinct upgrade

Sandy Bay retail precinct upgrade


Plan for Hobart's Local Retail Precincts (low-res)(PDF, 4MB)

Plan for Hobart's Local Retail Precincts (hi-res)(PDF, 163MB)