Invest Hobart

Invest Hobart

Hobart is an open, attractive and exciting place to build ideas, invest and do business.

We pride ourselves on being a city that drives innovation, sparks creativity, fosters collaboration and welcomes difference.

Learn more about the unique opportunities to invest in Hobart in our prospectus.

Invest Hobart Prospectus(PDF, 3MB)

Competitive Advantages

Hobart has a rich mix of competitive advantages that are a product of our place, people, and attitude to the way we work, live and solve problems.


An island state offering clean air and water, and one of the most accessible natural deep-water ports in the world.

Antarctic & Science Gateway

Home to globally leading research in Marine and Freshwater; fisheries; oceanology and the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS).

Our Visitor Economy

Home to three of most visited attractions in the state: Salamanca Market, kunanyi/ Mt Wellington and the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Cultural & Creative Industries

A cultural and creative powerhouse, home to internationally renowned events and a vibrant year-round festival calendar.

Renewable Electricity & Greenhouse Gas

Emission Pathways Tasmania is on track to reach 200% renewal electricity by 2040 to become an exporter of green electricity into the national market.

Development Potential

Developing a draft Central Hobart Plan is part of an ambitious program, Future Hobart, which will build on what already makes Hobart great.

Educational Experiences & Workforce Capability

49% of resident workers hold a bachelor's degree or higher, compared to the just over a third of the workforce nationally.

High Value, High Learning Industries

Make up almost half of the total employment in the city.

Local Connectedness & Global Proximity

Made up of local networks and connections to our neighbouring countries that make it easier to do business.

Natural Environment & Amenity

Astoundingly beautiful wilderness is easily accessible to residents and visitors alike.

The Hobart Difference

Our goal is to be an extraordinarily small capital city that is sought after for our Hobart Difference:

  • 100% self-sufficient in renewable electricity
  • Positive impact tourism
  • A remarkable sustainability story & stunning environment
  • Hobart’s hardworking people
  • Bustling with digital productivity
  • A safe, healthy & prosperous community
  • A renowned science and Antarctic sector
  • A city built by inventive minds
  • Our thriving education industry
  • Packed with development potential
  • A cultural and creative powerhouse
  • A city that is welcoming to all

City Insights

Coming soon!

The City of Hobart will soon be launching our State of the City Dashboard that will offer insights into the key areas of People, Economy, Environment, Housing, Development, and Health & Wellbeing.