Governance Framework

Good governance ensures that the community has trust and confidence in the decisions we make together.

Governance at the City of Hobart is supported by the systems, processes, policies and practices developed to deliver efficient and effective decisions, services and facilities so that they meet the City's objectives.

Good governance at the City of Hobart requires:

  • elected members being elected by, representative of, and accountable to their community
  • The Lord Mayor and elected members providing leadership to the community and reflecting the community's collective aspirations
  • policies and programs reflecting the responsibilities Council has to the community and the Council' legislative obligations
  • actions to implement the City's strategic agenda, including the Hobart Community Vision and the Capital City Strategic Plan
  • the provision of services which meet the community's needs (sometimes in partnership with other levels of government, business or community organisations)
  • a management structure that implements the City's goals in accordance with priorities and within approved budget
  • compliance with the City's obligations.

Governance Framework(PDF, 458KB)