kunanyi / Mount Wellington

1. Overview

kunanyi / Mount Wellington provides the backdrop to Hobart and is a short distance by vehicle from the city centre.

With a sealed road to the summit and an extensive network of walking tracks and fire trails, there's a range of activities for every visitor – bushwalking, mountain bike riding, orienteering, picnics, barbecues and sightseeing from the many spectacular vantage points.

The mountain offers:

  • spectacular walking and mountain biking trails
  • excellent views of southern Tasmania
  • a rich natural and cultural history.

Much of the eastern face of kunanyi/Mount Wellington is managed by the City of Hobart and forms part of the more extensive Wellington Park.

Clear, fresh mountain water from the North West Bay River catchment on the south-east face of kunanyi/Mount Wellington provides a quarter of Hobart's drinking water supply, and the original Mountain Park was first set aside to protect this precious resource.

Though close to the sea, the mountain is a 1270 metre alpine peak, with the chance of extreme weather conditions at any time of the year. 

On the distant south-west skyline, a sharp eye can pick out Federation Peak. Far to the north-east, beyond the Midlands, is Ben Lomond's profile, and to the south-east, the Tasman Peninsula.

2. Before you visit

While we strive to keep Pinnacle Road to the summit of kunanyi / Mount Wellington open, sometimes this is not possible due to heavy snowfalls or icy conditions. 

Always check the road and weather conditions before you go.

  • Check the weather conditions before you leave home. Click here to see the weather forecast on the Bureau of Meteorology website, or check out our pinnacle webcams.

  • Check the road closure status.

  • Pack warm clothing.

  • Drive carefully, leaving double the normal distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Remember braking takes much longer in icy conditions.

  • Be patient on the road as traffic may be slow.

3. Current road status

The road is inspected daily from 7.30 am to make sure it is safe for public use.

 For more information on kunanyi / Mount Wellington road status:

  • phone 03 6278 0200
  • listen to local radio station reports

View the kunanyi/Mount Wellington webcam

4. kunanyi / Mount Wellington – One Mountain

The City of Hobart has three projects underway to improve the visitor experience on kunanyi / Mount Wellington.  

Project 1 – The Big Bend Downhill/Gravity Track.

Project 2 – Rejuvenating the Great Short Walk.

Project 3 – Revealing the Mountain’s Heritage.

These projects are consistent with the Wellington Park Management Plan. 


The Big Bend Downhill/Gravity Track

The Big Bend Downhill/Gravity Track is a proposed mountain bike track linking Big Bend to Junction Cabin. The City of Hobart is currently undertaking detailed planning for the track, including consideration of the route, features, cost and impact. Designs are due to be released for public comment in late 2017.


Rejuvenating the Great Short Walk

This project will incorporate the renewal of the Organ Pipes and Pinnacle Tracks linking The Springs to The Chalet. In addition to track surface improvements, the project also includes improvements to facilities at The Springs and The Chalet (including toilets). 

Stage 1 Track works have commenced from The Chalet along the Organ Pipes Track.  


Revealing the Mountain’s Heritage 

This project will upgrade and enhance the Pipeline Track and heritage features along the Mountain Water Supply System. The project includes the upgrade of Fern Tree Park as a major park entry and new toilets at St Crispin’s Well. Stage 1 works are planned for 2017–18.

Information about other planned projects for kunanyi / Mount Wellington will be made available as they arrive.

View the report on The Springs - Wellington Park - Future Development Options