New Lines of Sight

A creative project for the City's Soapbox billboards by artist Sara Wright with students from Hobart and Yaizu, Japan.

New Lines of Sight

Commemorating 30 years with our Sister City

New Lines of Sight has been commissioned to celebrate 30 years of student exchange of the Hobart – Yaizu Japan sister city relationship, now in its 42nd year. Artist Sara Wright, with interpretation by Yukiko Burns, facilitated young women from Yaizu and Mt Carmel College in a creative process, navigating bias and sharing cultural perspectives, seeing themselves and each other with new eyes. The result is a collective dreaming for the future: a global society of friendship, reciprocity and peace.

The shodo symbol by Yaizu student Midori Sugiyama and Sarasa Ohtani translates to:

“A blue line of stars connect the faces of young women, eyes closed, connecting to self and spirit, feeling gratitude and allowing a collective dream of limitless possibility” – Sara Wright.

For more information on City of Hobart's Sister City relationship with Yaizu, please visit our Yaizu, Japan page.

Photo credit: Sandra Soccol