Communities Assessing their Own Resilience - A Pilot Project

Now recruiting! Community members from Lenah Valley, New Town, Sandy Bay, and South Hobart are invited to be part of voluntary working groups that will assess the resilience of their own suburb.

Are you interested in helping your community be prepared, respond, and recover more effectively in the event of an emergency?

Are you a resident of, a community leader in, or an owner of a business in either Lenah Valley, New Town, Sandy Bay or South Hobart?

You are invited to be part of a voluntary working group of 10-12 people that will assess your suburb’s resilience in the face of a natural disaster or emergency. 

This assessment will provide the basis for any action plan that intends to strengthen the resilience of your suburb. 

Eligibility requirements and what to expect

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Project background

During the May 2018 flood event, South Hobart, New Town, Lenah Valley, and Sandy Bay were particularly affected within the Hobart municipality, and individuals, groups, and institutions are still recovering from the damage caused.

This pilot project invites the formation of a voluntary working group in each of the four suburbs to critically assess the resilience of their own suburb and identify areas in need of further attention, using the Torrens Resilience Institute Community Disaster and Resilience Scorecard Toolkit (“the Scorecard”).

Funding for this project has been provided by the Australian and Tasmanian governments under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.