Parking permits

Australian disability parking permits

People with disabilities may be entitled to parking concessions as a member of the Transport Access Scheme. The scheme is administered by the Tasmanian Government in association with local government authorities. It is designed to assist people who, by reason of their disability, are totally reliant on private motor vehicles or taxis for transport.

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Pensioner concession parking vouchers

View more information about pensioner concession parking vouchers.

Loading zones

Loading zones are located at various sites within the city to allow short-term parking for vehicles delivering or picking up goods.

Commercial vehicles can use a loading zone (maximum time limit 30 minutes, other conditions apply) provided its registered owner has permanently displayed the name and street address of the registered operator. It must be non-magnetic and on the right hand side of the vehicle.

Note: vehicles with a GVM (gross vehicle mass) of 4.5 tonnes or more do not need sign-writing.

Ancillary permits and cart plates are no longer being issued by the Department of State Growth.

Any queries about loading zones can be made by phone 03 6238 2813 or 03 6238 2791.

Metered space permits

For commercial vehicle owners who use different metered spaces more than 10 times per day, the City of Hobart issues permits.

The permits are for motor vehicles used in the regular delivery of goods to and from a premises in metered zones. Permits are valid only while goods are being loaded or unloaded and when nearby commercial vehicle spaces are filled. They are not for casual deliveries, sales, maintenance, meetings or purchases. 

Please note: Metered space permits only allow you to park for the maximum time allowed on the meter. E.g. you can park for 1 hour on a 1 hour meter, 2 hours on a 2 hour meter etc.

If approved, you will be issued with a sticker which must be placed on the bottom left hand corner of the windscreen.

The charge for a permit will be $1425.00 per financial year (including 10% GST) and the following conditions will apply:

  • The driver of a vehicle with an authorised METERED SPACE PERMIT sticker on the windscreen will be entitled to occupy a metered parking space, without placing a coin in the meter, and a short term (3 hours or less) voucher parking space, without displaying a current voucher (permit not valid in the Hobart Port Corporation area), subject to the conditions on which the permit was issued.
  • A permit will cease to be valid if, at any time, a City of Hobart Officer is satisfied that it is not necessary for the vehicle to be left in a metered/voucher space. In that case, the officer will issue an infringement notice and the owner will need to prove that the parking was necessary.
  • Permits are not transferable between vehicles and as such no transferable permits will be issued.
  • If changing vehicles old permit(s) must be returned  to Council before a new one can be issued.
  • Metered space permits are not valid in the Tasmanian Ports Corporation areas. This area includes but is not limited to Hunter Street, Fishermans Market (Mures), Franklin Wharf, Murray Street Pier, Elizabeth Street Pier and Macquarie Point.
  • A permit is subject to cancellation by the City of Hobart at any time if, in its opinion, the permit is no longer warranted, or the privilege of holding it is being abused.
  • Every sticker will be issued on the condition that the permit holder agrees to remove it from the vehicle if:

- the permit is cancelled

- the vehicle is sold

- the vehicle ceases to be used for the purpose for which the permit was granted

- for any other reason that we require it to be removed.

You can apply for a permit by completing and submitting the online Metered space permit application (commercial) form.

General exemption permits

Permits may be issued to allow parking on streets despite parking restrictions to assist with building construction or special deliveries.

  • Permit for up to four hours costs $24
  • Permit for one day $36.

You can apply for a permit by completing and submitting the online Parking permit application (general exemption) form.

Enquiries can be made by phone 03 6238 2813 or 03 6238 2791.

Exemption permit – loading zone

An exemption permit is available if you are unable to display the registered name of your business on the side of your vehicle in order to use the loading zones in the City of Hobart. While the display of a registered business name on the side of a vehicle is a legal requirement for stopping in a loading zone, in certain limited situations this is not practical.

For instance, the display of a business name could invite a clear safety risk on the operator of the vehicle, by identifying that the vehicle transports cash, pharmaceuticals or similar high value items.

The Exemption Permit – Loading Zone requires businesses to demonstrate that the display of the name and address of the registered operator on the side of the vehicle will cause an unacceptable security risk.

Information about the permits

  • They are only valid for loading zones in the Hobart municipal area.
  • The operator of the vehicle must still obey the loading zone restrictions (only use the loading zone when delivering or picking up goods and not for general parking), and ensure they adhere to the 30-minute time limit.
  • The permit can be issued for up to 1 year, and it is the responsibility of the permit holder to re-apply for a new permit if required.
  • The permit is a laminated piece of paper that must be displayed on the vehicle dashboard.

You can apply for a permit by completing and submitting the online Parking permit application (loading zone) form.

Any enquiries must be made by phoning to 03 6238 2813 or 03 6238 2791.

Parking meter hoods

Parking meter spaces – whether controlled by multi-bay meters, single head meters or voucher machines – can be reserved by tradesmen and others who require access to their vehicle during the operating hours of the parking meter as part of their work activity on an adjacent building site.

The space is reserved by placing a hood over a single head meter or an authorised sign on multi-bay meter or voucher space.

The vehicle must display the space reservation permit on the dashboard at all times.

The fees required to hire a meter hood or reserve a space can be found on our fees and charges page.

For enquiries phone 03 6238 2190 or email

Elizabeth Street Mall

The mall is open to delivery, service and removal vehicles from 7–8.30 am Monday to Friday only. The bollards are opened and closed by a Parking and Information Officer, who also issues drivers with mats to place under their vehicle to avoid oil leaks on the decorative pavement.

For access between the above hours a permit is required.

Out of hours use

Customers and tradesmen requiring access to the mall out of the above hours for shop fitting, emergency repairs and other building work also require a permit.

When your permit application is approved, you may also be provided with a key to allow independent access through the mall bollards. In this case you need to pay a key deposit of $550 (inclusive of GST).

Note: GST only applies on forfeiture of deposit.

Depending what you are doing, you may also have to pay an infrastructure bond as a condition of the permit. For enquiries on permits to access the mall for building trades or shop fitting purposes phone 03 6238 2791 or 03 6238 2813, or email

You can apply for a permit by completing and submitting the online Application for vehicle access (Elizabeth Street Mall) form.

Salamanca Square

Salamanca Square is open 6–10 am Monday to Friday for delivery vehicles only (no permit is required during those hours).

Permits may be issued for the use of Salamanca Square outside of these times by tradesmen, builders, shopfitters, etc. You must to apply for a permit in person at the Customer Service Centre, and complete an indemnity form. A bond is required for the collection of a key and an infrastructure bond may also be required depending on the nature of the activity to be undertaken in the Square.

The key deposit fee is $110.00 (inclusive of GST).

Note: GST only applies on forfeiture of deposit.

The permit holder must display the permit on their dashboard at all times. The permit is valid between 10.00 am and 7.00 pm Sunday to Friday or other times as indicated on the permit. There is no entry to the Square on Saturdays due to the Salamanca Market.

For enquires, phone 03 6238 2190.

Printable forms for all the above applications are available on our forms page.