Short-term parking

Saturday Parking

Trafalgar Car Park

Trafalgar Place, Hobart 7000

Trafalgar car park on Macquarie Street has $6 all-day parking every Saturday from 7am to 5.30pm. It’s a short walk to Salamanca Markets and the city centre. On Saturday’s only vehicles can park in the yellow and blue sections (reserved for long term vehicles during the week). Parking positions marked with a red sign are reserved and can only be used by the permit holder.

Daily Parking

Short-term parking is available in the following three multi-storey car parks, with the first 90 minutes of parking free Monday–Saturday, and the first three hours on Sunday.

Centrepoint Car Park (Victoria Street)

35 Victoria Street, Hobart 7000

Vehicle entry to this car park is from Victoria Street, with pedestrian entry also from Murray Street and Centrepoint Shopping Centre. There are 16 disabled parking spaces  are all close to the lifts.

The height restriction in the car park is 2.1 metres and there are 782 parking bays and.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 7.30 am – 6.15 pm                                     
Saturday: 8.30 am – 5.15 pm
Sunday: 9.30 am – 4.15 pm  

(Limited early bird parking)

Argyle Street Car Park

38 Argyle Street, Hobart 7000

The vehicle entry to the Argyle Street car park is from Argyle Street with pedestrian access from Wellington Court. There are eight disabled access parking spaces that are all close to lifts.

The height restriction in this car park is 2 metres and there are 1155 parking bays.

Public toilets are located in the car park foyer. 

A parenting room is located on level 1.

The car park has bicycle lockers which can be used for a fee, but your own lock must be supplied.

The City of Hobart operates a free wheelchair hire scheme for people shopping in the city centre for a few hours. For enquiries please phone 03 6238 2780.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Sunday 7 am –10 pm

Hobart Central Car Park

60 Melville Street, Hobart 7000

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 7.45 am – 6.30 pm                                     
Saturday: 8.30 am – 5.30 pm
Sunday: 7.45 am – 4.30 pm  

Other Car Parks

Parking is also available at Dunn Place, Condell Place, Lefroy Street, Salamanca Square and Melville Street (UTAS Residential Apartments)

Fees and Charges

For more information on fees and charges please refer to our fees and charges page.

Pensioner Concession Parking Vouchers

View our information on accessible transport and parking.

Releasing Vehicles After Hours

If your vehicle is locked in one of our car parks it may be released after hours by phoning security on 03 6105 0420. A fee of $56 is payable on release plus your daily parking fees.

Holding Vehicles for Safety

We may hold vehicles for safety at a rate of $22 per day plus $6 overnight.