Management of environmentally relevant activities

We help to protect the environment through the management of environmentally relevant activities (ERAs). An ERA is any activity that may cause environmental harm.

Some of the environmental regulations provide parameters around common and domestic ERAs. The regulations include things like operating hours, technical specifications of machinery, emission types or limits and prohibited activities.

Many ERAs have little (or no) impact on people or the environment in a community and, in this case, we are not directly involved in the management of the activity.

Activities may be brought up with regulators if things like changes in population density, new technologies, out-dated technologies, changes in land use, and evolving public perceptions of environmental protection impact on people.

Sometimes an ERA requires further investigation. In this case our Environmental Health Officers will assess an issue or activity and determine if it is an ERA, and falls within our jurisdiction, or if it is a state government matter.

ERA compliance

The City of Hobart prefers to encourage and monitor a situation rather than legally enforce it, if possible. Our Environmental Health Officers are authorised under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 and have powers to:

  • enter and inspect premises

  • take samples, photographs and other recordings

  • seize items

  • examine any records

  • examine and test things

  • require information from a person

  • issue certain notices.