Report potential fire hazards


City of Hobart officers visit properties in spring and summer to check for fire hazards on private land.

Properties inspected include'

  • those known to be in a high fire risk area
  • properties about which we have received reports of possible fire hazards
  • or properties referred to us by the Tasmania Fire Service. 

We understand property owners can manage their own properties but when they become a fire hazard, we are legally obliged to manage the risk.

If a property has a fire hazard, we issue owners with a Fire Hazard Abatement Notice by registered mail. This notice says what the hazard is, what needs to be done and when. If the registered mail isn’t collected within six days, a second copy of the notice is placed on the property itself.

If you think there is a fire hazard on someone else’s property you can report it by phone 03 6238 2886 or email Please include all details of the property - reports are kept confidential.

Responding to a notice

If you received a notice, you need to complete the works that have been detailed by the due date. If you can’t do the work yourself, you can check the Yellow Pages under Land Clearing and/or Firebreak Contractors, and under Lawn Mowing and Maintenance. You can also use our free green waste collection service.

We only provide extensions to the due date in extreme circumstances, so if you want to request an extension please contact us as soon as possible.

If the hazard isn’t removed, we will take action to ensure that the property is made safe. This would involve City of Hobart officers or contractors entering the property and reducing the hazard. We send an invoice for this work. The invoice amount depends on the size and type of hazard, the time required to clear the hazard and the equipment required. There is also an administration fee.

It is important to clear the hazard exactly as you have been asked to. If you work to clear the hazard but it is not fully complete you will receive a ‘failure to comply’ notice.

More information

Supervisor Fire and Biodiversity
03 6238 2591
Parks and City Amenity Division
03 6238 2886

The following websites may provide useful information before and during the fire season.