Closure of reserves due to fire danger

Closure of reserves due to fire danger

Hobart's bushland reserves are great places to visit and enjoy, but on days of elevated fire danger they may not be safe.

The City of Hobart closes bushland reserves to keep people safe when the Fire Danger Rating is Extreme or Catastrophic.

Fires that start under extreme or catastrophic fire danger ratings will be fast moving, unpredictable and uncontrollable. You may not receive an official warning of a bushfire and you should not expect a fire truck or fire officers to be available to assist you.

Which of Hobart's bushland reserves will be closed?

  • Wellington Park
  • Ridgeway Park
  • Waterworks Reserve
  • Queens Domain Summit
  • Bicentennial Park
  • Knocklofty Reserve.

The City may close other reserves if specific risks occur.

What is an elevated fire danger day?

Fire danger rating forecasts are issued by the Bureau of Meteorology and can be viewed on the Tasmania Fire Service website.

The higher the rating, the quicker a bushfire will spread, become unpredictable and difficult if not impossible to control.

The safest response is to avoid bushland areas on days of elevated fire danger.

Bushfire safety is a personal responsibility and anyone visiting bushland reserves during the bushfire season should:

Where can I get information on reserve closures?

We will also post notices to our Facebook and Twitter pages when bushland reserves are closed.

Where should I go?

Hobart has beautiful parks and beaches offering shade and swimming on hot summer days. The Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre can suggest other tourism opportunities on days of elevated fire risk.

Will I be told to avoid or leave a bushland reserve?

No. It will not be possible for every visitor to personally receive a warning.

It is your responsibility to remain alert and aware of current weather conditions, especially on days of elevated fire danger. This includes knowing the weather forecast for days in advance if going on a multi-day walk.

Will reserves be locked to stop access on elevated fire danger days?

Where possible, but not for all entry and exit points. The City of Hobart will take steps to alert the public to closures during bushfire risk periods.

What if I don't want to leave?

Reserves may not be safe places to be and you will be putting yourself at risk by remaining in these areas.

It is an offence to knowingly enter reserves that are closed and penalties may apply. It is also an offence not to obey a direction to leave.