Prepare for bushfire season


As hot, dry summers continue to arrive early, it is critical the people of Hobart prepare their bushfire plans and remove fire-prone vegetation from their property well ahead of every bushfire season. 

Bushfire-prone properties are within 100 metres of an area of bushland that is 1 hectare or more in size. In Hobart, most of the properties on the city fringes are bushfire-prone, as are places like Fern Tree and Ridgeway, with varying levels of risk.

You can help protect your home and loved ones by ensuring you are properly prepared for bushfire by following some simple guidelines (click the links for more information).

See the current Fire Danger Rating Forecast

Report potential fire hazards to 03 6238 2886 or email

Get the right information

In any bushfire event, make sure you are getting your information from the right sources. Be careful not to share unconfirmed information or advice from non-official channels. 

The most reliable sources of information in a bushfire are:

Community Bushfire Protection Plans

You can download PDF versions of these information packs for each area.

Other resources

Translated resources