Fuel breaks

fuel break - suburban house.jpg

The City of Hobart manages a network of 'green' fuel breaks between bushland reserves and people's homes to help protect life and property from destructive bushfire.

A fuel break is an open strip of land where the vegetation is modified to reduce the rate of spread and intensity of fire. Fuel breaks reduce the impact of radiant heat on nearby houses and allow fire fighters to get in close to a fire front.

Some canopy trees are kept within fuel breaks – if there is a bushfire they disrupt wind flow and capture fire embers before they reach nearby houses.

Ground cover is maintained as a 'marsupial lawn' to prevent soil erosion. Marsupials are highly cost-effective lawn mowers!

For fuel breaks to be effective property owners living adjacent to bushland reserves need to tidy up gardens and vegetation on their property between the house and the bushland reserve boundary.

We maintain more than 100 fuel breaks across over 50 hectares of bushland reserves. Fuel breaks are maintained during the bushfire season.

What you can do to prepare for bushfire

If you live adjacent to a bushland reserve please help us protect you and your property by following these simple guidelines:

  • Keep the area between your home and the edge of bushland reserves tidy and clear of flammable materials.
  • Remove low hanging trees branches that are within 2 metres of the ground.
  • Ensure garden beds are not close to the house.
  • Keep your garden tidy and use non-flammable mulch.
  • Use your FOGO bin to dispose of green waste.
  • Ensure grassy areas are kept mown, with grass no taller than 10 centimetres in height.
  • Store firewood piles or building materials away from the house.
  • Report potential fire hazards to 03 6238 2711 or email coh@hobartcity.com.au.