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Short Term Parking


Council provides a number of parking options for your convenience.

Car Parks

Attendant controlled parking is available at:


Centrepoint Carpark (Victoria Street Hobart)

Vehicle entry to this carpark is from Victoria Street, with pedestrian entry also from Murray Street and via Centrepoint Shopping Centre. There are six disabled parking spaces located within the car park and these are all in close proximity to the lifts.

The height restriction in the carpark is 2.1 metres and there are 782 parking bays and 16 Disabled Parking Spaces.

Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday: 8am - 6.15pm                                     
Saturday: 8.30am - 5.15pm
Sunday: 9.30am - 4.15pm  


Argyle Street

Argyle Street Carpark

The vehicle entry to the Argyle Street Carpark is from Argyle Street with pedestrian access also gained from Wellington Court. There are eight disabled access parking spaces located within the carpark all within close proximity to the lifts.

The height restriction in this carpark is 2 metres and there are 1155 parking bays.

Public toilets and a parenting room are located in the car park foyer.

Located in the carpark are bicycle lockers which can be used for the safe storage of bicycles when in the city for business (a fee applies).

The City of Hobart operates a free wheelchair hire scheme for people wishing to shop in the CBD for a few hours. For enquiries regarding this service please contact the City of Hobart on (03) 6238 2780.

Hours of operation

Monday to Sunday:  7am -10pm


Hobart CentralHobart Central Carpark

Vehicle entry is from Melville Street with a pedestrian entry also from Bathurst Street. There are ten disabled parking spaces located within the carpark and these are all in close proximity to the lifts.

The height restriction in this carpark is 2.3 metres and there are 465 parking bays.

Public toilets are located in the carpark.

Hours of operation

Monday to Friday: 8am - 6.30pm
Saturday: 8.30am - 5.30pm
Sunday: 7.45am - 4.30pm

For enquiries regarding carparks please phone 6238 2780.

Limited Early Bird parking is currently available in the Centrepoint and Hobart Central Car Parks only.

Other Carparks

The Melville Street, Dunn Place and Salamanca Square Carparks are voucher parking areas. Details are shown on the map of carpark locations.

Fees and Charges

For information on fees and charges please refer to Council's Fees & Charges.

Pensioner Concession Parking Vouchers

Hobart City Council offers a book of parking vouchers to eligible Pension Card holders. These coupons entitle you to four hours free parking in any of Council's Multi-Storey Carparks on any one day per week. At the expiration of the four free hours normal rates apply.

To be eligible you must comply with the following conditions:

  • Be the registered operator of a motor vehicle (That is it must be registered in your name)
  • Be in receipt of a Commonwealth Pension. For example; War Widow, Age, Disability, Single Parent

Both these documents must be produced at the Customer Service Centre, 16 Elizabeth Street Hobart. Please remember you will need to bring your Registration Papers and Pension Card every year to renew your vouchers.

For more information on eligibility or conditions please telephone (03) 6238 2780 or email coh@hobartcity.com.au.

Releasing Vehicles after Hours

If your vehicle is locked in one of Council's carparks it may be released after hours by phoning Golden Security on 03 6231 1003. A fee of $40.00 is payable on release plus your daily parking fees.

Holding Vehicles for Safety

Council may hold vehicles for safety at a rate of $22.00 per day plus $6.00 overnight.

Customer Service Centre

16 Elizabeth St, Hobart
Office Hours: Mon–Fri 8.15am–5.15pm
Telephone (03) 6238 2711
Email coh@hobartcity.com.au

Postal address

Town Hall, Macquarie St
GPO Box 503
Hobart Tasmania 7001