Recycling collection

Recycling collection

We provide fortnightly collection of a 240-litre recycling bin on the same day as your weekly rubbish collection.

If you have difficulty handling the larger bin, you can request that the bin be replaced with a smaller 140-litre bin at no charge.

Using your recycling bin

The recycling service allows residents to recycle a wide range of materials. The materials that can be placed into the recycling bin for collection are listed in the Recycling Bin Fact Sheet(PDF, 437KB).

Further detail can be found in the A-Z Recycling Sheet(PDF, 23KB), or on the reuse, recycle and dispose A-Z page.

Please also see the Chinese Language Recycling Bin Fact Sheet(PDF, 522KB).

Collection days

To check your rubbish, recycle and FOGO waste bin collection days, please use our bin collection function:

When is my bin collected?

You can also print out the relevant calendar:

How to choose the calendar

Please use our bin collection function to see what day your collection falls on. For example, if the search shows your recycling bin collection day is 28 November, look at both calendars. The one that shows 28 November as a recycling collection day (in yellow) is your calendar - Calendar 1.

If the search shows that your recycling is collected on 21 November and you opened a Calendar 1 that shows this week as FOGO, that's not your calendar, yours must be Calendar 2.

If you have any questions, please contact us 03 6238 2711.

Public holidays

Bin collection operates as normal for all public holidays except Christmas Day. Check the website closer to Christmas for updated Christmas Day bin collection information.

What happens to my recycling?

All material collected from the City's recycling bins goes to the Recycling Materials Recovery Facility at Derwent Park.

At the facility, recycling materials are sorted using a range of automatic processes including magnets for steel, eddy currents for aluminium, blowers for paper, etc and manual sorting methods for other items like hard plastics and contamination (plastic bags, food etc).

The quality of recycling from Hobart is very good, with only around 2-3% of the material collected being unsuitable for recycling.

Once separated, the materials are compacted and sent to buyers, some within Australia and some overseas, where they are recycled into new products.

Glass containers – All glass from Hobart's recycling bins is recycled within Tasmania.

Up to 80% goes into producing bricks and pavers, and the remaining 20% is used by local construction industries as a sand/gravel substitute in civil construction works.

Steel – Recycled into new steel products, from new steel can sheeting and new steel products, to construction steel bar.

Aluminium – turned into new aluminium products such as new can sheeting, automotive parts, and electronic parts.

Paper and cardboard – All paper is sold to paper mills for conversion into new paper - clean newsprint is recycled into new newsprint, clean white grade paper recycled into new white paper or tissue.

Cardboard is recycled into new cardboard, containerboard and cartonboard, depending on the quality.

Plastic containers – Plastics are recycled into new plastic bottles, or down-cycled into containers, textiles, toys and other plastic products.

The end destination of some recycling materials will vary, depending on the commodity prices for the material.


If you have a commercial property, you can apply for recycling collection at your business. To find out more, please contact us on 03 6238 2711.

Bin latch

Bin latch

If you live in a particularly windy or steep location and are experiencing issues with your bin lid flying open, Hobart residents can request 1 free bin latch to help keep the bin closed. It is recommended that the recycling bin is prioritised as this tends to contain loose, light material and is the most prone to becoming windblown.

These latches automatically open when the bin is emptied.

Bin latches are available for collection only. If you require additional latches they are available for purchase online by various stockists. The latches used by the City are the SafeWaste Multi-Fit lid latch.

To request a latch please complete the following form:

Bin latch request form

The provision of free latches is dependent on stock availability and may be withdrawn if stock runs out.

Installation guide

Bin latch instructions(PDF, 486KB)

Lost or damaged bins

If your bin is lost or damaged, please fill out the online damaged or missing bin request form.

Missed recycling collection

If your bins are not collected, please phone 03 6238 2711.

Fees and charges

For all bin charges please refer to our Fees and Charges page.