Zig Zag Track Restoration Project

Restoring the Zig Zag Track.

For more than a century the Zig Zag Track has been a major walking route to the summit of kunanyi/Mt Wellington, but the elements have taken their toll, and the track needs considerable work to repair erosion and make it safer for walkers and runners.

This project began in January 2022, and the first two stages have been completed.

Stage three

Stage three of the Zig Zag Track restoration project begins mid October 2023, when the track will be closed for restoration works.

The project is scheduled for completion in early 2024, when the track will reopen to the public.

The track will be closed to ensure a safe working environment for our track crews and the public.

Alternative access to The Pinnacle for walkers will be available via Milles Track, Icehouse Track, and South Wellington Track, but note this is a harder and longer route than the Zig Zag Track and better suited to more experienced walkers.  

There will be reduced car parking at the Old Hotel Site at The Springs and occasional helicopter operations may mean short-term closure of nearby tracks as well as the Old Hotel Site.

Map of track works & walking routes

Map showing track closures.

Stay safe on the mountain

It is important to remember that the Ice House Track and South Wellington Track both traverse alpine environments, and inclement weather can create dangerous walking conditions.

South Wellington Track offers little shelter and is recommended for well-equipped, experienced walkers.  

If venturing up the mountain please remember that many of the tracks above The Springs traverse alpine environments, including the Zig Zag Track, the Ice House Track and South Wellington Track.

Inclement weather can create dangerous walking conditions at any time of the year, and especially in winter. Our website has excellent safety tips to help walks stay safe on the mountain.


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