Great Short Walk Rejuvenation

The Great Short Walk Rejuvenation project is in its final stages and the Organ Pipes and Pinnacle tracks on kunanyi/Mt Wellington are open to the public to enjoy a walk through a sub-alpine environment, with spectacular views of the Organ Pipes, Hobart and the Derwent Estuary. 

The tracks were built in the 1900s. Over time, the track surfaces were extensively damaged, making walking difficult and unsafe.

The two-year City of Hobart project has involved hand-winching rocks weighing up to ten tonnes across boulder fields, and the use of helicopters to transport 900 tonnes of rock and gravel. To blend old and new, the City applied materials and building techniques similar to those used to create the original tracks.

The final stage is the Chalet Connection, a gently graded section linking the Chalet with the Organ Pipes Track, making the nearby boulder fields more accessible. Picnic facilities at the Chalet are also being upgraded. 

Image: Pete Harmsen