Central Hobart Precincts Plan

The City of Hobart and the Tasmanian Government have agreed to work together to develop a plan to guide central Hobart’s development and provision of public infrastructure in the coming decades.

Central Hobart Precincts Plan Objectives

  • establish a shared vision and framework for the future growth, development and character of Central Hobart.
  • identify a suite of places or precincts across the study area based on locational advantages, key opportunity sites, or the relationships between character, built form, landscape, heritage and future use
  • outline a vision for each precinct, which:

- provides guidance for future development considering the need to provide for alternative housing options for the future population

- takes into account existing use and development patterns including existing constraints.

  • identify opportunities:

- for a range of housing types and increased residential densities, and the implications for social and physical infrastructure, commercial and community services and facilities

- to increase accessibility and permeability of the area, access to public transport and provide support for sustainable travel behaviour.

  • support detailed precinct planning and potential synergies with other Hobart City Deal commitments
  • identify the preferred urban form and scale of development for precincts based on a range of urban design, heritage, economic and social considerations
  • ensure that community infrastructure, open space and transport provision meet the needs of a growing permanent and visitor population recognising the key role of the city centre in meeting transport and movement needs at a sub-regional and regional level
  • ensure the ongoing viability of central Hobart as Tasmania’s key administrative and commercial activity centre with a concentration of the key business, retail, administrative, professional, community, cultural and event activities
  • identify a set of actions to deliver the vision and framework for the growth of Central Hobart, likely to include planning scheme amendments and capital works proposals.

Plan Area

The study area covers 64 blocks bounded by Davey Street to the South, Burnett Street to the north, the Brooker Highway in the east and Molle and Harrington Streets to the west as shown on the map below.


Preparation of the plan will take about 18 months and is expected to be completed by the end of 2020. One of the key outputs will be an implementation plan which sets out immediate, short term and long term actions and identify infrastructure staging and funding sources.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

The challenges of growth in Central Hobart present opportunities that will require careful consideration and meaningful engagement with the local community and other stakeholders.

The community engagement approach will involve three stages. The first stage will be a pre-planning consultation to be held early in 2020 following collection of the baseline data. Community and other stakeholders will be given the opportunity to identify their key issues and options for the area and inform the development of the Precincts Plan.

For more information about the Central Hobart Precincts Plan see the Project Brief.(PDF, 581KB)