Front fences

If your property is heritage listed under the City of Hobart’s planning schemes, all front fences and walls need planning approval. On other properties, front fences or walls higher than 1.2 metres are likely to need planning approval. For most properties, front fences and walls are those within 4.5 metres of your front boundary. 

Side and rear boundary fences

Side and rear boundary fences are treated differently from front fences.

You will need a planning permit for a side or rear boundary fence if:

  • the height of the fence within 4.5 metres of a frontage exceeds 1.2 metres
  • the height of the fence beyond 4.5 metres of a frontage will be higher than 2.1 metres
  • your property has more than one street frontage.

Retaining walls

Any retaining wall located within 1.5 metres of any boundary that retains a difference in ground level of 1 metre or more may require planning approval.

If you are unsure if a planning permit is required, please call our Development Appraisal Unit on 03 6238 2715 to discuss your proposal prior to undertaking any works. The Unit can provide advice on fence design, to help you factor in things like heritage values, passive surveillance, streetscape and how the fence or wall may affect the ability of drivers exiting properties to see other people.

You should also note that building and plumbing permits may be required for a fence or wall. Please contact a building surveyor to determine if these permits are required.

NB: we do not become involved in neighbour disputes regarding side and rear fences. If you cannot come to an agreement with your neighbour, you will need to obtain independent legal advice or Legal Aid. See Legal Aid's fact sheet.