Hobart's Climate Change Strategy

Hobart's Climate Change Strategy

The City of Hobart is undertaking a review of its Climate Change Strategy(PDF, 2MB)

To help inform the review the City has prepared two background papers: Responding to Climate Change(PDF, 3MB) and Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions(PDF, 4MB). These outline emissions profiles and climate impacts, and actions that the City has undertaken, and who does what along with future responses.

The City has been formally involved in climate change action since 2000 and has two active programs to reduce its carbon footprint and respond to climate change. It has already completed two strategies that have seen it reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its buildings and activities by over 70% from 2000 to 2010 and continue to work towards further reduction of 17% by 2020, as well as committing to reduce its energy use by 35% by then also.

The City has worked with the University of Tasmania to identify how our climate is changing specific to our municipal area and endorsed this information for decision making by the City and the community. 

The City is also working with southern Tasmanian councils to take cooperative climate action to improve resilience of communities and reduce carbon footprints.