Capital City Strategic Plan 2015 - 2025

The key elements of this strategic plan are drawn from the Councils Hobart 2025 Strategic Framework developed in 2007 in consultation with the community and key stakeholders.

The City of Hobart 10-year Capital City Strategic Plan(PDF, 3MB) takes into account the key themes and outcomes the community identified during the 2007 Visioning Project.

It underpins the Council's whole strategic planning framework and its purpose is to identify the community's main priorities and aspirations for the future and to plan strategies to achieve them. It guides the community and the Council on how it will make progress over the next 10 years - the last 10 years of the 2025 Vision.

The goals and strategic objectives of the Plan have been identified as a result of understanding our community, our capital city, our regional roles and responsibilities and gaining an understanding of the challenges and impacts of our external environment.

While the City of Hobart has a custodial role in initiating, preparing and maintaining the Plan on behalf of the Hobart municipal area, it is not wholly responsible for its implementation. Our shared vision is reliant on the collective actions of the Council, its partners, stakeholders, residents, ratepayers, visitors, workers, community organisations, regional bodies and all levels of government. Working closely with everyone will enable us to gain maximum benefit from all of the opportunities that are available to the city and deliver the long-term strategic goals of the Plan.