A key part of Hobart’s architectural heritage to be turned InsideOUT

Published on 06 June 2024

InsideOUT Andy Hatton for socials credit Andrew Wilson.jpg

This week marks the second launch of the City of Hobart’s InsideOUT program, showcasing the distinctive arts cubes now located at Sandy Bay’s Long Beach.

Local photographer and videographer Andy Hatton has embarked on a long-term project to capture the many moods of the Fort Nelson House, designed by renowned architect J.H. Esmond Dorney.

This iconic house, visible from Long Beach, is celebrated as one of Australia’s finest examples of modernist architecture and was recently awarded international recognition by Doco MoMo, a global body honouring significant modernist works.

In this latest InsideOUT installation, Mr Hatton will transform the two mini gallery spaces with suspended and framed prints, as well as video projections from his project.

Initiated as documentation of the Doco MoMo honour in 2023, by Esmond Dorney’s son, Paddy, Mr Hatton has since expanded the project and hopes to continue to work with the house as an inspiration for work and events.

Hobart Creative City Portfolio Chair Cr John Kelly said: “We are thrilled to see the InsideOUT program bring such unique and evocative art to our public spaces.

“The Dorney House is a significant part of Hobart’s architectural heritage, and Andy Hatton’s work beautifully captures its essence.”

Each day at dawn and dusk, the projection of the home will animate one of the cubes, mirroring the house’s dynamic presence.

Mr Hatton’s work, titled PRESENT. In a particular place. Occurring now. A gift., captures the light and the changing mood throughout the days, weeks and months of this project.

PRESENT documents the feeling of dawn through to sunrise, the fall of dusk as the full moon rises,” Mr Hatton said.

“I feel the greatest gift we can have with any project is time.

“This being a key ingredient in the success of this structure - a dodecahedron, a time piece, a sundial - abstracting its views as the light shifts and shapes it throughout the day.

“There's poetry held within these walls and all its expansive glass.

“The feeling of dawn through to sunrise, shifting moments, wild storms with kaleidoscopic repercussions, the fall of dusk into the dark.

“There is a deep connection to the environment that envelops this house, and in those moments of transition, the outside comes in, slowly revealing its layers in each pane, portals that dare us to dream, windows to natures soul. Celestial alignment in full force.”

Cr Kelly added, “The InsideOUT program continues to enrich our community by making art accessible to everyone.

“This installation at Long Beach allows residents and visitors to engage with the Dorney House in a new and immersive way.”

The InsideOUT installation will be at Long Beach until July 21, 2024, after which the arts cubes will be relocated to a new site.

For more information on J.H. Esmond Dorney and the Dorney House, please visit www.dorney.house.

ARTIST BIO: Andy Hatton is a Manchester-born Photographer, Director, and Cinematographer based in Lutruwita / Tasmania. With a background in fine art photography, he brings a cinematic approach to his visual storytelling. His personal style crosses genres, from documentary and travel to editorial and portraiture. He finds magic in subtlety, creating atmospheric imagery with a focus on a poetic narrative. His diverse portfolio includes collaborations with Mercedes Benz, Olympus, National Geographic, and Apple. @hatton511 www.andyhatton.com

Picture: Artist Andy Hatton in between the two InsideOUT cubes for his exhibition PRESENT. In a particular place. Occurring now. A gift. on Sandy Bay's Long Beach. (Picture Andrew Wilson)