Smoke-free public places

The City of Hobart has smoke-free public places and smoke-free outdoor dining areas to make the city a cleaner and healthier place to live and visit.

Smoke-free outdoor dining areas

Smoking is not permitted in any outdoor dining and drinking areas on land managed by the City of Hobart. While businesses are responsible for ensuring that their outdoor dining areas remain smoke-free, patrons are encouraged to observe the ban.

You can access a the Businesses with Outdoor Dining Areas Map(PDF, 12MB). This map also includes an up-to-date site location of cigarette butt bins. 

Smoke-free public places

Trafalgar Place is a new smoke-free area.  


Smoking is also not permitted in the following public places:

Pedestrian malls

  • Elizabeth Mall
  • Wellington Court
  • Hobart bus mall
  • Mathers Lane
  • Collins Court
  • Salamanca Square. 

There are 'No Smoking' signs on the footpaths and on traffic poles throughout these public places. You can also see them on the Smoke-Free Pedestrian Malls Map.(PDF, 56KB)

City car parks

Smoking is not permitted in any of the following City of Hobart-owned enclosed public car parks:

  • Argyle Street Car Park
  • Centrepoint Car Park
  • Hobart Central Car Park
  • Salamanca Square Car Park.

We have installed 'No Smoking' signs throughout these car parks to inform the public of the smoking bans. The car parks are all listed on our Car Park Locations Map.(PDF, 2MB)

Anyone visiting the Town Hall or Council Customer Service Centre to attend to City-related business, should be aware that smoking is not permitted on the Town Hall parking deck.


Smoking is not permitted in any of our playgrounds.

We have put up signs that ban smoking within 10 metres of playgrounds located within City of Hobart reserves or other City-managed land. These locations are listed on our Parks and Playgrounds Map.(PDF, 2MB)

For further information, contact the City's Environmental Health Unit on 03 6238 2715.

Other smoke-free areas

The state government has introduced additional smoke-free areas in Tasmania to reduce exposure to harmful second-hand cigarette smoke. Smoke-free areas include bus and pedestrian malls, bus shelters, outdoor-dining areas, sports venues, patrolled beaches, public swimming pools and children's playgrounds.

For more information, go to the Department of Health and Human Services Tobacco Management page.

Smoke-free public event resources

The Director of Public Health determines which public events are smoke free. A list of these events can be found on the Department of Health and Human Services website.

To help you manage your public smoke-free event, the department provides resources including signage and smoke-free event management plan templates. These resources can be found at the department's Tobacco Control Publications page.