John Turnbull Dog Park

John Turnbull Dog Park

John Turnbull Dog Park provides a state of the art park for people and their pets.

It is located alongside John Turnbull Park and John Turnbull Oval.

The 15,000 square meters of the park has been split into two securely fenced areas with a larger part allocated for general use and a smaller area for puppies, small dogs and the dogs that are just starting to socialise. The small park is for dogs to have some off lead exercise while learning important social interaction skills without being intimidated by larger dogs.

The dog park has four main social areas including a mulched agility area, a sandpit, a gravelled area with logs and rocks to jump over and a shaded mulched area for hot summer days. Watering stations for dogs and drinking fountains for humans have also been installed.

All entrances have double airlock gates with enclosures where a dog can be unleashed before entering the park and placed back on the lead when exiting.

To allow the City of Hobart's park crews to do maintenance works, and to make sure there isn't machinery in operation while dogs are running around, the park will be closed each Wednesday from 9.30 am till 12.30 pm.


Corner Creek and Lenah Valley Roads, Lenah Valley 7008  View Map

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