Apply for a permit

The Hobart City Council Public Spaces By-Law 2018 applies to parks, gardens, beaches, waterways, natural and undeveloped land owned by the City of Hobart, and highways. The By-Law requires that people seek approval to access these spaces, and protects vegetation, wildlife, landform and other assets within these areas.

If you want to carry out any of the following activities in a City of Hobart owned or managed park or reserve, the Public Spaces By-Law requires a permit to do so.

Before you apply for a permit, please check the Make a booking page to determine if you need to book the area.

If a booking is required you will not be required to apply for a permit separately, unless otherwise advised when making your booking.

Permit to undertake works

To carry out any works in a park or reserve such as construction, maintenance or upgrades to infrastructure in a park or bushland area, a permit will be required.  

Depending on the scale of the activity the following additional information may be requested:

  • An environmental management and construction plan
  • A Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)
  • A natural values and/or cultural heritage values assessment
  • A revegetation plan.

To apply for a permit complete and submit the application online.

Permit to undertake Scientific Research

To conduct scientific research in a park or reserve a permit will be required.

You will need to provide the following in your application:

  • A completed Scientific Research Project Statement
  • A map of the proposed area
  • Any other approvals required for your research (e.g animal ethics, DPIPWE).

To apply for a permit complete and submit the application online.

Please note if vehicle access is required a separate application is required.

Permit to use or park a motor vehicle in a park

If you want to drive or park any vehicle into a park or reserve, you will require a permit

The application must be submitted at least 14 days before the date of access. This allows time for the area to be checked, and to let us to determine the suitability of the area to be driven over. Applications that do not meet this timeframe may not be accepted. 

In some cases, if the impact on the park is too great, or if infrastructure or other obstacles are blocking access, another route may need to be negotiated.

Vehicle access into City of Hobart parks and reserves is generally blocked by locked gates and bollards. Keys can be collected by the applicant after the permit is issued.

Due to the potential for damage to built assets or natural and cultural values, a bond may be required to be paid. Once your application has been assessed you will be notified of any bond requirements.

You will need to provide the following in your application:

  • A map or specific plan providing details of the access point, vehicle route and reason for access.

To apply for a permit complete and submit the application online

Permit for other activities

Applications for other park activities that don’t require a booking may still need a permit, such as busking. If you are unsure if the activity requires a permit please contact Parks and City Amenity Division

To apply for a permit to carry out an activity in a public space e.g. noisy activity, scatter cremated remains, complete and submit the application online

Further information

Printable forms for all of the above applications are available on our forms page.

Any fees are listed in our Fees and Charges Booklet.  

For further information regarding park and reserve permits, contact us by telephone on 03 6238 2886 or by email at