Pipeline Track


The Pipeline Track follows Hobart’s still-functioning water supply system, which was established in the 1860s. 

This wide, family-friendly track starts at Fern Tree and winds gently around the southern slopes of kunanyi/Mt Wellington for 12.7 km for fantastic views across the Derwent estuary and beyond. 

You’ll ride through mossy gullies and beneath tall gums while passing scenic and historic spots such as the Fern Tree Bower and the Wishing Well. You can make it a shorter ride by joining the track at Neika.

If you don’t have a car you can now catch the kunanyi/Mt Wellington Explorer Bus to Fern Tree, it’s an extra $10 to bring your bike.

Track ratings are based on the International Mountain Bicycling Association’s difficulty rating system. Shared-use tracks can be used by pedestrians and mountain bike riders.

  • Track difficulty: Easy 
   Track difficulty rating - Easy green circle  
  • Shared-use track, dual direction: 12.7 km