My Street | Friday 23 April - Sunday 26 June

My Street

My Street is a micro version of the good-old street party. It's an intimate, very local event.

Each event will involve the residents of one or two streets, bringing them together for an afternoon to catch-up, meet new people, let the kids run about in the fresh air together and generally celebrate local life in Hobart.

Roving entertainment, food vans, furniture and other decorations will be provided by the City of Hobart, in collaboration with the locals. Invitations will be circulated and numbers limited to what's comfortable and tranquil.

The City will also provide other infrastructure as needed, all permits, traffic management, cleaning, COVID-safe plans, event staff and even road closures if possible!

Friday, Saturday or Sunday, late afternoons from 23 April to 26 June 2022.

Expression of interest (EOI)

Apply to host a My Street event by completing the online expression of interest (EOI) form.

This form should be completed by at least three members of your My Street Organising Group.

Be sure you have read and understood the My Street event FAQs(PDF, 1MB) before completing this form.

Expression of interest (EOI) form

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the City of Hobart Events and Activations team at or call 03 6238 2890.

More information

My Street is a micro version of the good-old street party, and part of the City of Hobart's Out in the Open program, a series of events, activities, performances and happenings that respond to our times.

We have all been affected by COVID, and continue to be in various ways. Sometimes it has bought us together, other times it has isolated us.

Our community tells us that they feel safe in outdoor spaces, and so the City of Hobart Activations and Events team is assisting communities to create small, outdoor events where the community can purposefully design a safe, celebratory event.

Each My Street event will involve the residents of one or two streets, bringing them together for a morning or afternoon to catch-up, meet new people, be entertained, run about in the fresh air together and generally celebrate local life in Hobart.

The City of Hobart Activation and Events team will coordinate and fund the logistical side of things and communities are invited to design their own event and work together to coordinate their My Street event.

Options of roving entertainment, food vans, furniture and other decorations can be organised, booked, delivered and taken away by the City of Hobart Activations and Events team, in collaboration with the local My Street organisers.

Your My Street event can be as simple as finding a date and time that suits, inviting neighbours via a letter box drop and then everyone bringing a rug or chair, some food and their smiling faces to enjoy together on a front or back lawn or perhaps meeting at a local park.

It could also look like blocking off your street to traffic so people can gather to enjoy various types of entertainment.

It could involve a talent show, a pet show, an eating competition, egg and spoon races or even an open air cinema... we encourage you to get creative!


My Street event FAQs(PDF, 1MB)

Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone living in the Hobart municipality can apply to host a My Street event by submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI), however you will need to create an Event Organising Group (of at least three neighbours) before completing an EOI.

How many members of my community need to come together to form the Event Organising Group?

A minimum of three individuals are required to form an Event Organising Group, which must include a minimum of three (3) individuals from your street/s, and not from the same house.

What support will be provided from the City?

The City of Hobart Activations and Events team can assist with the following in-kind support (no charge):

  • Event infrastructure, including a small stage, tables, chairs, outdoor furniture, decorations(in-kind support)
  • Event planning, including permits, planning, scheduling and creating a site plan
  • Designing a simple but effective community engagement plan to help get others interested. Youll be able to roll out the plan locally
  • Assistance to select and book entertainment (we will cover costs up to a limit) Coordinate audio PA system, other technical equipment and small stage(s) if required
  • Connect you with mobile food vendors
  • Support with COVID safe event delivery, including assistance with developing a COVID safe event plan and providing COVID safe signage and hand sanitiser stations. The City of Hobart will work with community groups to follow Tasmanian Government and Public Health guidelines to ensure all COVID-19 safety measures are in place.
  • Basic infrastructure such as bollards, toilets traffic management barriers
  • Traffic Management Plan if necessary

If your EOI is successful, we will ask for more information, including:

  • Details of any infrastructure you expect you might need eg. Tables, chairs, small stage
  • Explain if this event is open to the public, or just to the immediate neighbourhood and how you will identify guests

Who will pay for our My Street event?

As above, the City of Hobart will cover costs of furniture, small stages, signage, entertainment, permits and other items listed. We can also provide one to two event staff as needed and up to a limited budget.

Your only cost is your time to organise the event with us and whatever food and drinks you want to provide.

Who will clean-up after the event?

We ask that the Group encourages everyone to take their rubbish with them.

What if some neighbours are opposed to My Street event concept?

All neighbours around you must be consulted and in agreeance if your My Street event involves blocking off the residential street in front of their property.

When are Expressions of Interest (EOIs) due?

Four weeks before the proposed date of your event (for example, this means any EOIs for 6, 7 or 8 May are due by 8 April).

How do I apply?

1. The Event Organising Group is expected to discuss the event with the community when deciding what type of event will suit their street. This includes making the event as inclusive and accessible as possible. The Group will be responsible for planning and helping to deliver the My Street event with support from The City of Hobart Activations and Events team.

2. Complete the brief expression of interest (EOI) online form. When completing the EOI, you will be asked do the following:

  • Explain your event concept and why it is well suited to your neighbours and your street.
  • Provide details of who will be on your Event Organising Group
  • Attach a basic plan of the event area. This can be hand-drawn or a print out from Google maps, showing the main event area you would like to use, essential vehicle access, infrastructure such as furniture, small stages, etc. and any important features of the event area
  • Tell us how you plan to involve other residents in the planning. A private Facebook page could be an easy option
  • Tell us the date you are proposing, as well as approximate start and finish times. Tell us how many people you expect may attend (20-100 is recommended)
  • Consider how you can make your event safe for all, by being inclusive, equitable and accessible, as well as COVID-19 safe

How will I know if my Expressions of Interest (EOI) is successful?

All EOIs will be assessed within ten days of receipt. We will contact you to tell you if you have been successful or if we feel some adjustments are needed.

How do I engage with my community?

Consider a letterbox drop to your neighbours with your ideas or an invitation to a meeting to discuss what the event might look like. You could consider an online meeting or meet at a local hall, or an online poll where neighbours indicate their preferences for dates, type of event and whether or not they would like to help organise the event.

My street is not really suitable… can I still apply?

Yes. We can work with you to consider suitable locations.

What role do I have in the concept and delivery of a My Street?

You (as part of the Event Organising Group) and your neighbours can tailor the theme to suit your area and community. The Group will be responsible for planning, programming and delivering the event, with support from Council's Events and Activation team.

What dates can a My Street event be held?

My Street events can occur on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday from 26 April - 26 June 2022.

How long is a My Street event?

That's up to you. We suggest morning or late afternoon/ evenings (up to 9pm) and up to about four hours.

Wet weather – what happens if it is going to rain?

Use long range weather forecasts to help you plan your event. We recommend that you monitor the weather forecast in the lead up to the event date and approx. one week out start making plans to cancel or enact the wet weather plan if you have one.

Can we serve alcohol at our event?

If you want alcohol to be available/sold at your event, you will need to contact the Department of Treasury & Finance - Liquor and Gaming Branch for more information. The City of Hobart takes no responsibility for the presence of alcohol at your event.

How many My Street events can I host?

Just one.

Can I run our My Street in a building?

My Street events should be designed to occur out in the open, although they may incorporate some public buildings if the building owners agree.

Are My Street events public or private?

My Street events need to be small and focused on the immediate local community, with numbers limited to what's comfortable.

Can we charge an entry fee to our My Street event?

No, but some items like food can be sold at the event from a registered food business such as a food truck.

Are My Street events ticketed?

No. Although My Street events are not ticketed, they could be made invitation-only.

Where can My Street be?

Ideally My Street can be held on your street or in a park or public area close by, although there may be some limitations. If your application is successful, we will visit the site with you before we start planning, to ensure it is suitable.

Can businesses apply?

No, this is for groups of residents only but your local businesses can be involved in the event.

Are there limits on the number of people who can attend?

We recommend a gathering of more than 20 but less than 100 people. We can work with you if you wish to organise a larger event of less than 200 people. Each My Street event will have a maximum capacity to ensure COVID safety based on 2sqm per person.

Are My Street events family friendly, inclusive and accessible?

My Street are family friendly and inclusive events. All community members are encouraged to attend. How many My Street events will be given out? We have a set overall budget for up to five small and five medium My Street events.