Japan's Children's Day Celebration

Japan's Children's Day 2021

Kodomo no hi

Children’s Day originates from Japan and is set aside as a national holiday on 5 May each year to celebrate children. The event pays respect and honours children's strengths and personalities and grants wishes of health and happiness.

The City of Hobart, in partnership with the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (RTBG), held Hobart’s 3rd annual Japan's Children’s Day event in May this year, attracting thousands of visitors across the week. The event which celebrates children, also celebrates the cultural richness of our community and Hobart’s highly valued 44-year Sister City relationship with Yaizu in Japan.

This year we celebrated with a display of children’s written works reflecting on the sentiments of Children’s Day and cultural exchange. These were written on handcrafted carp shaped decorations, known as koinobori. The decorations were hung amongst the trees in the RTBG’s Japanese Garden and swam in the breeze alongside several six-metre traditional koinobori donated to Hobart by Yaizu.

Over 1000 students, aged between 4 and 18 years from 14 local schools, learned about Japan's Children’s Day, its meaning, history and cultural significance. The students collectively contributed over 650 Koinobori decorations, creating a striking display amongst the magnificent Japanese Garden.

A visitor survey revealed:

  • 88 per cent of visitors were from Tasmania, with the balance from interstate
  • 52 per cent of respondents were aware of Hobart's Sister City relationship with Yaizu
  • 88 per cent felt that it was important for Hobart to have relationships with international cities with 54 per cent of those selecting it was extremely important.