Resilient Hobart

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May 2018 Floods 

Tasmanians get things done. We are an island of wild weather and isolation, demanding resilient communities and people. We take pride in our capacity to withstand hardship - and flourish, even during the hardest times. When faced with crises, like the increasing threat of natural disasters, we draw on the strengths of our communities and connections to each other. 

To be better prepared and able to support each other in the future, we need to act on the lessons we learn from our successes and failures during times of trial. 

The City of Hobart is running projects to help people who were affected by the May 2018 extreme weather event to get ready for, recover from and help each other in natural disasters. 

These projects will assist regional Hobart communities respond to future emergencies, disaster events and other disruptions to normal living.

These projects have been jointly funded by the Australian and Tasmanian governments under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.


Stories for Resilience

Who can get involved: Flood-affected community members residing in Hobart, Kingborough, Glenorchy and Derwent Valley. 

This research and creative project is a chance for community members affected by the extreme weather event to tell their stories and help themselves and others learn lessons from the experience. A podcast series, photo gallery, short films and a report about lessons learned will be produced. It will raise community awareness about disaster planning, preparedness, response and recovery. 

Further information may be found on the Stories for Resilience project page

Australian Red Cross Workshops

Who can get involved: Community service providers and leaders residing in Hobart, Kingborough, Glenorchy and Derwent Valley. 

Three ‘Disaster Ready’ workshops and two ‘Communicating in Recovery’ workshops will be offered to community service providers and leaders in the areas most affected by the extreme weather event. The workshops will assist community service providers with tools and awareness to prepare for and act in an emergency and assist community leaders to communicate more effectively after an emergency.   


A Community Self-Assessment of Resilience Pilot

Who can get involved: Community members residing in Lenah Valley, New Town, Sandy Bay and South Hobart.

Four community working groups in South Hobart, New Town, Sandy Bay and Lenah Valley will assess the resilience of their suburbs using the Torrens Resilience Scorecard, identify areas in need of improvement and make plans for increasing their suburb’s ability to bounce back after an emergency. The results of this process will guide resilience-building efforts in other suburbs and regions.


Afloat – A Children and Families Community Art Project

Who can get involved: Children and families associated with schools and early learning centres in South Hobart.

Local artists, supported by the Australian Red Cross Recovery Team, will run creative recovery workshops with children and families from schools, playgroups and early learning centres along the Hobart Rivulet. These workshops will provide children and families with tools to draw upon in the event of future emergencies. 


Forces of Nature (working title) – Public Artwork

Who can get involved: Community members residing in South Hobart. 

A new permanent work of public art will provide the basis for acknowledging the destructive nature of the natural world and its incredible force, as well as providing an opportunity to build community cohesion, connectivity and resilience.

Further information about Forces of Nature may be found on the Public Art - Current Opportunities page


For more information about all projects, please contact Boshra Yazahmeidi, Community Development Officer - Resilience: