Community safety

Hobart is a beautiful, liveable and safe city. ‘Our city feels friendly and safe, but we know not everyone experiences our city this way, and we could do better’ (Hobart: A community vision for our island capital - Identity Statement 3.4*). 

As a local government it is important that we recognise the significant global safety challenges and consider how they impact us at the local level.  We are responding to these challenges proactively and in collaboration with neighbouring councils, community organisations, businesses and other levels of government. 

The City of Hobart has chosen three significant global challenges to act locally on during 2019/20, ensuring that Hobart remains a place where everyone feels safe and is safe:

  • Safety in public places
  • Alcohol and other drugs, and
  • Violence against women and children

The City of Hobart’s Community Safety Commitment 2019(PDF, 489KB) outlines our partners, current and ongoing community safety actions as well as new initiatives and goals for the 12 months to June 2020.