On-street parking

The time you can legally occupy an on-street parking space is shown on a parking sign and starts as soon as your vehicle stops in the bay. For example, you may park for one hour only in a 1P signed area.

This standard applies in all Australian states and territories.

A parking session does not start or re-start when you get a parking ticket or put money in the meter. The parking time does not re-start if you move your vehicle but do not leave the parking area.

Remember to check the parking sign before leaving your car to avoid a fine. Some zones have different restrictions depending on the day or time. Please ensure you read the sign in its entirety.

See more information on parking rules and parking zones.

Contesting a parking fine

If you have received a parking fine and believe there is a good reason for you not to pay it, you can apply for a review. For further information, visit requesting a review of your parking fine.

Parking for persons with a disability

See information on parking for persons with a disability.