Tattooing and piercing businesses

Tattooing, ear and body piercing are considered public health risk activities, as they involve skin penetration.

These practices must be undertaken in accordance with the provisions of the Public Health Act 1997 (Part 5, Divisions 3 and 4) and the Guidelines for Tattooing and the Guidelines for Ear and Body Piercing.

Any premises where a public health risk activity is to be conducted must be registered by completing a Public health risk activity application (premises) form.

Any person performing skin penetration practices must have a licence to conduct a public health risk activity. There are two separate applications depending on the activity, ear and body piercing or tattooing. If you are carrying out ear and body piercing and tattooing please complete both applications.

Alternatively you can print and submit a printable form in one of the following ways:

  • email:
  • post: City of Hobart, GPO Box 503, Hobart Tasmania 7001
  • in person: Customer Service Centre, 16 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

Printable versions of these forms below: