Permit to occupy a public space

Permit to occupy a public space  

A permit to occupy is the type of permit businesses need if they want to use City of Hobart public space. This may include footpaths, nature strips, and parks. There are two types of  permit, a permit to occupy, for outdoor dining or other activities, and a permit  for commercial activities in public space.

Permit to occupy

Permit to Occupy – outdoor dining

Occupation licences may be issued to restaurant owners and operators to place tables, chairs, umbrellas and other furniture used for outdoor dining. There are minimum dimensions that must be maintained so that pedestrians can easily move along a footpath, and other conditions and fees apply. A permit will be issued only if the safe and convenient movement of pedestrians is maintained.

The application form can be found here: Application to occupy a public space - outdoor dining 

Permit to occupy – other than outdoor dining

A permit is not required for signboards where they are placed in accordance with Clause 8 of the Public Space by-law. If the signboard does not meet the requirements in the by-law a permit will be required, as there is a greater risk of impacting pedestrian movement. 

Permits to occupy are also issued for:

  • temporary fences and/or gardens within the road reservation
  • building any structures
  • placing an/object within or over a highway
  • ongoing use of a crane, concrete pump or any other special vehicle used for building work when used in a park or reserve.

In limited circumstances, where there is no adverse effect on the public, occupation licences may also be issued to residents and other property owners to let them occupy part of a highway reservation.

The application form can be found here: Application to occupy a public space - other than outdoor dining

Commercial Activities in Public Space 

To display goods for sale, set up a stall (other than at a market, or operate as roadside vendor (other than a food van) a permit for commercial use is needed. This applies to footpaths, nature strips, and parks and reserves. If proposing to do any of these activities in a City of Hobart park or reserve please check to see if you need to book this space first as a permit may no longer be required.

The application form can be found here: Application for the commercial use of a public space.

Fees and conditions apply for these permits.

For enquiries, phone 03 6238 2970 or email