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Parking in Hobart

The ability to park our vehicles (be they cars, bicycles, motorcycles or service vehicles) within a reasonable walking distance of our houses or destinations is an important component of our transport systems.

The Hobart City Council manages parking on public streets in Hobart, as well as on land owned by Council. Where demand for parking is higher than the supply, Council often needs to install and enforce parking restrictions to provide opportunities for users to find vacant spaces.

Shoppers and visitors can access a range of car parks all within easy walking distance of key destinations in the city centre. Multi story car parks are placed at strategic locations throughout the city.


Bicycle Parking

In Hobart, public bicycle parking generally takes the form of stainless steel hoops.

Motorcycle Parking

In the Hobart CBD, there are several options available for the parking of motorcycles.

Motor Vehicle Parking

A large number of short and long term parking options are available for workers, clients and customers in Hobart CBD.

Residential Parking

On-street parking options for residents.

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