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Lodgement of Plumbing/Building Applications

As of 1 January 2017, with the introduction of the new Building Act 2016, there are certain changes that could effect the lodgement of building and plumbing permits.  For plumbing applications, please discuss the changes with your plumber or designer or for further information go to the Department of Justice Tasmania website

All Building/Plumbing applications can only be lodged online via  "e-Services". The online application form will allow you to complete your details and respond to a number of questions and building/plumbing details and make payment of the application fees. You will need to upload all our documentation (note documents must be in PDF format).

If you would like instructions on how to lodge an application online, you can download the user guide here: Online lodgement user guide

Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions should provide relevant information to help you with your plumbing application the plumbing process. (Please note plumbing work is incorporated within the Building Act 2016.)

  1. Plumbing Work and Plumbing Permits?
  2. What applications forms do I need for plumbing works and certificates?
  3. Does Council have further plumbing related information?
  4. Where can I find information regarding current plumbing issues?
  5. Do I need to use a registered plumber for plumbing works?
  6. How much will a plumbing permit cost?
  7. TasWater approvals - Do I need a Certificate?

1. Plumbing Work and Plumbing Permits

 It is your responsibility as the property owner in conjunction with your building surveyor and/or designer to ensure that a certificate of likely compliance and/or plumbing permit is in place prior to commencement of any plumbing work.

If you believe a plumbing permit is not required you should seek confirmation from your building surveyor, designer, and from the registered plumber undertaking the project prior to commencing any works.

Please Note - Substantial penalties apply to persons undertaking plumbing work without a permit.

2.    What application forms do I need for plumbing works and certificates   

All building/plumbing applications are now lodged online through Council's e-services. There are a number of other specified forms supporting the Building Act 2016 and the Building Regulations 2016 that standardize applications for plumbing works and required certificates which can be accessed at   www.justice.tas.gov.au .

3. Council Plumbing Information

The following Council links offer further information to plumbing related issues:

4. General Plumbing Information

 5. Registered Plumbers

All plumbing work as defined by the Building Act 2016 including installing, altering or maintaining a plumbing installation (i.e. roofing, drainage, pipe work) must be undertaken by a plumber who holds an appropriate certificate of registration under the Occupational Licensing Act 2005.   For further information visit the licence databases on the department of justice website.

6. How much will a plumbing permit cost?

Council requires that all plumbing fees be paid on lodgement of your online plumbing application.  For more information, see our Fees and Charges section.

7. TasWater Approvals - Do I need a Certificate?

Please discuss with your Building Surveyor or Designer if this is necessary.




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