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Building/Plumbing Application Lodgement

Please Note -  As from 1 January 2017 with the introduction of the new Building Act 2016 you may require additional information before lodging an application for Notifiable Building Work.

Hobart City Council Process for lodging of Notifiable Building Work -

The building surveyor needs to lodge all documentation for Notifiable Building Work through Council’s e-services lodgement system. Council will not accept documents via Council’s email address.

Before lodgement of the Notifiable Works the following is required -

If the building surveyor deems the application to be exempt under the general exemption of the relevant Scheme e.g. Section (5) of the Hobart Interim Planning Scheme 2015 you need to provide a document stating the exemption section to which it applies.


If the exemption or no permit required relates to limited or no permit section of the relevant scheme e.g. (Section 6 of the Hobart Interim Planning Scheme) the owner will need to obtain from HCC and provide to the building surveyor (for uploading) a letter advising that the proposed work meets the limited exemption or no permit required status.

The owner can obtain the required exemption by emailing coh@hobartcity.com.au a copy of the proposed work and cover letter explaining work or by requesting a pre application appointment with a planner at HCC.    


The Building Surveyor can upload a copy of the planning permit alreadyobtained.

Upon lodgement, a tax invoice and fee (including levies if applicable) is generated prior to submission.  The Building Surveyor may either pay and submit online having collected fee from owner OR print a tax invoice and supply to owner who may then arrange payment over phone/counter at Council. Upon receipting, the application will be submitted electronically.

All other Building and Plumbing applications can also only be lodged via e-Services. The online application form will allow you to complete your details, respond to a number of questions incl. cost of works, building details (this information can be obtained from the Building Surveyors documentation). You will also be required to make payment of the application fees and levies. You will need to upload all of your documentation (note documents must be in PDF format).

If you would like instructions for how to lodge an application online, you can download the user guide here: Online lodgement user guide (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions should provide relevant information to help you with your building application and the building process. 

  1. When would I require a building permit?

  2. What are my responsibilities under the Building Act?

  3. What application forms do I need for building works and certificates?

  4. Do I need a permit for temporary structures and for temporary changes of use to a building?

  5. Where can I find information regarding current building issues?

  6. What are my responsibilities as an owner/builder?

  7. What are the requirements for maintenance of my building?

  8. How much will a building permit cost?

  9. TasWater approvals - Do I need a certificate?

  10. Do I need a permit for Solar Installation?  

1. When would I require a building permit?

For the purposes of the Building Act 2016, all building work is permit building work unless the work is -

(a)  low-risk building work or low-risk demolition work; or

(b)  notifiable work or notifiable demolition work; or

(c)  emergency work.

Permit work must be -

(a)  Designed by a designer, and

(b) performed by a licensed builder who is licensed to perform the permit building work; and

(c) inspected by a building surveyor as required under the Building Act. 

For further information you will need to contact your Building Surveyor or discuss your building work with your licensed builder or visit Department of Justice website..

2. What are my responsibilities under the Building Act?

The Building Act 2016, the Building Regulations 2016 regulate building and plumbing work in Tasmania. These laws and codes apply to everyone who undertakes building and plumbing work.  

Further information is available at Department of Justice.

3. What application forms do I need for building works and certificates?

All building/plumbing applications are now lodged online through Council's e-Services. There are a number of other specified forms supporting the Building Act 2016 and the Building Regulations 2016 that standardise applications for building works and required certificates which can be accessed at Department of Justice.                    

4. Do I need a permit for temporary structures and for temporary changes of use to a building?

As from the 1st January 2017, under the new Building Act 2016 Council will no longer be issuing Temporary Occupancy Permits, this has now become a function of the building surveyor who will grant, issue or amend a temporary occupancy.

5. Where can I find information regarding current building issues?

Advisory notes and news updates are issued to assist in the interpretation of Tasmanian building legislation and to keep the Building Industry informed of developments occurring with the National Construction Code and its reference documents.

Further information is available at advisory notes Department of Justice advisory notes 

 6. What are my responsibilities as an owner/builder?

Under the Building Act 2016 to be an owner builder, you must satisfy the following criteria:

An owner builder needs to reapply for owner builder status for each separate project they do.

A project may be building a house, or extending an existing dwelling.

A person who wants to be an owner builder should apply to Licensing see Occupational Licensing Act 2005.

An owner builder must also apply for a building permit for each project they undertake. This is regardless of the risk category which would be applied to the work if it was undertaken by a licensed builder.

All work undertaken by an owner builder is automatically permit building work.

For further information regarding the owner/builder registration process please discuss with your building surveyor or go to Department of Justice website.

7. What are the requirements for Maintenance of my building?

Certain buildings require an owner to maintain the essential building services. These include fire safety features, exit routes, air flow systems and other matters as prescribed by the Director of Building Control in the Building Regulations 2016, Section 72.

If a building is extended or altered, the responsible person must ensure that these services are not impacted and continue to ensure the health, safety or disability access of the occupants. Before occupancy of a building is granted, a building surveyor will work with the owner to develop a schedule of maintenance for the essential building services. This will specify the nature and frequency of testing that must be carried out on essential building services. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the maintenance schedule is adhered to.  

For an existing building, the maintenance schedule must be approved by a building surveyor.

8. How much will a building permit cost?

The cost of a building permit is dependent on the value of works. As well as the cost of a building permit, you may be required to pay State Government levies. For more information, see Council's Fees & ChargesBuilding fees and levies are required to be paid at lodgement. Contact building on 62382195 for payment options and estimated amount.

9. TasWater Approvals - Do I need a Certificate?

Please discuss with your Building Surveyor or Designer if this is necessary.

10.  Do I need a permit for Solar installation?     

New requirements to allow for a greater size of an array of panels to be exempted from the requirement for a building permit and to provide for the creation of a scheme for the accreditation of solar installers.

“Photo-voltaic solar panels installed on a building roof [are exempt] if –

(i) the solar panels are installed by a person who holds a valid accreditation, to install solar panels, that is approved by the Director for the purposes of this regulation; and

(ii) the solar panels are parallel with the surface of the roof and there is not more than 100 millimetres between the top of the roof and the underside of the solar panel; and

(iii) the solar panels, or any part of the solar panels, do not overhang the roof surface at any point; and

(iv) the solar panels are not within 200 millimetres of the edge of the plane of the roof; and

(v) the solar panel array does not result in more than 100 kilograms of dead load being placed on any single point where the solar panel array is attached to the roof; and

(vi) the solar panel array does not cover more than 38 square metres of –

    (A) a single roof plane; or

    (B) multiple roof planes that are supported by a single structure. 

For further information contact your building surveyor.  

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