Social media

The City of Hobart communicates information through several social media accounts. 

Facebook (





Terms of use 

To make sure social media use is positive and welcoming for everyone, we ask that all users respect the following terms of use:

a) Respect the privacy of yourself and others by not including email addresses, phone numbers or home addresses in public posts or comments.

b) Harassment, abuse and obscene, offensive or threatening language will not be tolerated.

c) Do not post comments that are likely to offend others, including but not limited to references to race, age, gender, sexuality, political leaning, religion or capabilities.

d) Do not post defamatory remarks, or information that is factually inaccurate and may mislead others.

e) Do not post anything that may constitute spam, such as commercial solicitations or advertisements; repetitive or irrelevant comments; or links to fundraisers, petitions, or other third-party material unless expressly endorsed by the City of Hobart.

f) If you find an image or post offensive, or which you believe should be removed for other reasons, please contact us via private message.

g) City of Hobart does not accept any responsibility for content published on third party sites.

h) By posting, commenting, liking or sharing content on this account, you accept that this content may be retained as a record by the City of Hobart, as required by the Archives Act 1983.

i) By posting any images, links or information on this account you are giving permission to the City of Hobart to use them, unless you expressly state otherwise. We will provide appropriate acknowledgement of the authors of any images, links or information posted on this account.

j) City of Hobart social media accounts are not a forum for counselling or help seeking. If you need support in a crisis, contact Lifeline 24/7 on 13 11 14.

k) Any posts or comments made by social media accounts or people impersonating the City of Hobart or Hobart City Council, or passing off, will be deleted from official City of Hobart corporate social media accounts in order to avoid public confusion caused by ambiguity.

l) City of Hobart accounts are not to be used for political campaigning. This includes posting from identified campaign pages.

m) Any posts or comments that violate these guidelines or are otherwise deemed to be inappropriate by page moderators will be deleted, and any person who repeatedly violates these guidelines may be blocked from the City of Hobart page.

n) The City of Hobart may restrict public commenting on any post if it deems appropriate to do so.