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Flying of Drones from or over City of Hobart public land

The operation of drones (remotely piloted aircraft) must be undertaken in accordance with the rules and guidelines established by CASA (the Australian Government’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority).

Please refer to www.casa.gov.au/rpa for further details or click on the below brochure for simple CASA guidelines when 'Flying your Drone for fun'.

Rules and guidelines provided by CASA differ between recreational and commercial operators of drones, and differ in relation to the size/weight of a drone.

Filming in the City of Hobart

 If you are interested in flying drones and launching from City of Hobart municipal land for commercial use, you will need to apply for a permit to film. For more information on how to apply for a commercial filming and photography permit refer to our filming permit page

Wellington Park including kunanyi / Mount Wellington

Any applications to fly drones within Wellington Park are to be referred to the Wellington Park Management Trust, as the authority for the Park www.wellingtonpark.org.au