People with mobility limitations can now explore some of Hobart's best bushland tracks in the TrailRider, a purpose-built wheelchair that can handle rough terrain.

Free to hire, you just need two operators to help navigate and steer the TrailRider, which can be used on five different routes, including selected tracks within Knocklofty Reserve, Waterworks Reserve, Wellington Park, Queens Domain and Hobart Rivulet Park.

TrailRider features and conditions

  • ergonomically designed with fully adjustable seating
  • disc brakes
  • power assist for steep terrain
  • folds in half making it easy to transport
  • must be booked 24 hours in advance.

TrailRider User Manual(PDF, 2MB)

Book the TrailRider

For bookings please email us at

More information

TrailRider induction

Please complete the below induction form prior to collecting the TrailRider.

If you require assistance, call our Customer Service Centre on 03 6238 2711.

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Where can I use the TrailRider?

The TrailRider can only be used on the five pre-selected tracks within the City of Hobart and cannot be taken to other tracks or regions. If you would like to access a TrailRider in other areas, please contact the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service who operate all-terrain wheelchairs at Cradle Mountain, Mount Field and Freycinet national parks.

City of Hobart TrailRider tracks

Waterworks Reserve - Reservoirs Circuit

Hobart Rivulet Park

Knocklofty Reserve - Summit Loop

Wellington Park - Silver Falls

Joggers Loop and Soldiers Memorial Avenue

Frequently asked questions

The questions and answers provided below will give you some tips and tricks to make your experience with the TrailRider an enjoyable and memorable one.

How does it work?

The TrailRider has handles at the front and back that allow guides to manoeuvre the chair on tracks that are not wheelchair-accessible, including up and down stairs and over small bush track obstacles. The TrailRider is also fitted with power assist which helps make steeper terrain and longer journey's more accessible.

How do I access the TrailRider?

The chair can be booked by emailing, and collected from the Hobart Council Centre, at 16 Elizabeth Street. There is disabled parking available on Elizabeth Street and on the parking deck behind the Town Hall.

How long can I hire the TrailRider for?

The TrailRider can be booked between 9 am and 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

How do I transport the TrailRider?

The TrailRider fits into the back of a station wagon, SUV or a large vehicle.

What are the dimension of the chair for transportation?

The TrailRider weighs approximately 25 kg and requires two people to load it safely into a vehicle. It folds down to a size of around 172 cm x 82 cm x 61 cm.

How long does the motor/battery last?

The motor is designed to assist the helpers on steeper terrain, making more areas accessible. Exact times will depend on terrain, passenger and steepness. The manufacturer gives an average usage of two hours.

What do I need to provide to use the TrailRider?

  • a current proof of age (ID/driver's license/passport)
  • at least two people (helpers) for the TrailRider operation
  • an Australian Safety Standards approved helmet must be worn while riding the TrailRider
  • a fully charged and working mobile phone (in case assistance is needed).

What do I do if I need help?

If you have any issue, please contact the Hobart Council Centre on 03 6238 2711, Monday to Friday.

What if part of the TrailRider breaks?

The tire needs more pressure:

  • The manufacturer recommends that the ideal tyre pressure is between 15 and 30 PSI.
  • There is a pump and pressure gauge in the repair kit.
  • If the pump does not work in returning the tyre to correct pressure or the tyre has a puncture there is a can of Tyreweld in the repair kit. The can has enough to fully inflate a large car tyre.
  • Follow instruction on the side of the can and let our customer service staff know if you have had to inflate the tyre.

The battery is flat or not working:

  • The unit is fully charged when it leaves the Hobart Council Centre. This gives the user up to two hours of assisted use.
  • The exact time is dependent on a passenger's weight, steepness and temperature.
  • We recommend that the battery is not used consistently but only on the steeper or more difficult sections of the trail.
  • Check the connections.

Do the brakes work?

  • The TrailRider is equipped with high-quality disc brakes.
  • The TrailRider is serviced every six months by a professional bike mechanic and checked regularly by the City of Hobart staff.

What if I've lost one of the pins?

There are two spare pins in the TrailRider repair kit in the rear pouch. The rear pins are securely attached via steel cable.

In the unlikely event that they are lost/damaged, the TrailRider becomes unavailable for booking.

What if the TrailRider gets stuck?

Every hirer has at least two helpers to assist.If you are unable to fix the problem yourself please call 03 6238 2711.

In the case of a life threatening emergency please call 000.