In this Place - Lenah Valley

In this Place

In this Place, 2018, in Lenah Valley, by Alex Miles. Photo credit: Alex Miles

Lenah Valley is one of Hobart's inner-city suburbs, with its centre located around 5km from the middle of Hobart. The suburb is one of a number of similar retail centres around Hobart that are undergoing upgrade as part of a long-term capital works program.

Intended as an integrated complement to the new works in the retail precinct, this public artwork, entitled In this Place, was developed by artist Alex Miles in response to conversations with local, Lenah Valley residents.

Stories about Lenah Valley and impressions of life in this area were gathered by Alex via a postcard campaign. Temporary paste-up artworks and vinyl's were used during the construction process to keep residents connected with the project.

Alex's final interventions in the street thread in, over or around new works – paths, bus stops, seats – building a story-based visual identity for the upgraded streetscape.

Artist statement

In this Place is a public art project inspired by, and designed for, the Lenah Valley community.

The project aims to connect residents through a sharing of stories, memories and responses to life in Lenah Valley, and to reinvigorate the Augusta Road retail precinct through a series of painted works, light works and architectural interventions inspired by their stories.

In this place...

...I've been selling flowers for 15 years

...I deliver the paper every saturday morning

...we raised 3 children

...there was an orchard

...good things happen

...I met my wife

... you have the best view of the mountain

...nothing changes and everything changes

A story starter for Lenah Valley residents to share stories and feelings about their local community.

Photo credit: Amy Brown