Hobart’s International Relationships

The City of Hobart has formal sister city relationships with Yaizu, Japan and L'Aquila, Italy, as well as formal friendship relationships with Xi’an and Fuzhou in China. These relationships provide opportunities for the people of Hobart to make professional, economic, educational, cultural and personal links with people from around the world.

We have community committees that support the sister city relationships in Yaizu and L'Aquila. They work to develop projects that link our sister cities with Hobart and help coordinate activities.

To discuss our sister or friendship city relationships, or if you are interested in being involved in either the Yaizu or L'Aquila committees, please phone Lucy Knott 03 6238 2401 or Michelle Hack 03 6238 2502.

Yaizu, Japan (1977)

The Hobart–Yaizu sister city relationship was formalised in 1977, making it the 6th oldest Japan–Australia sister city relationship. The relationship between Hobart and Yaizu is based on cultural and educational exchange.

The origins of the Hobart–Yaizu sister city relationship began with the tuna fishing fleets from Yaizu that once harboured in Hobart during the 1960s and 1970s. Because of regular and long visits from the fishermen, business and personal connections started to form between Hobart and Yaizu.

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L’Aquila, Italy (1998)

L’Aquila is the capital city of the Abruzzo region, located 714 metres above sea level on the Aterno River. The Abruzzo region is located in south-central Italy, bordered on the east by the Adriatic Sea and rising in the west into the Abruzzo mountains. This region is where the majority of the early Italian immigrants to Tasmania originated. 

Members of the local Hobart Abruzzese community initiated the development of the Hobart–L’Aquila sister city relationship. The Hobart Abruzzese community has around 260 members across greater Hobart. A Memorandum of Understanding between Hobart and L’Aquila was signed on 27 October 1997, which was formalised with the Council’s endorsement in 1998. The agreement aims to foster relationships through:

  • supporting programs of student exchanges for students doing language studies
  • exchanges in the areas of music, theatre, painting and sculpture, and traditional and contemporary theatre
  • promotion of exchanges in the fields of technology
  • promoting tourism and historic and anthropological work.

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Xi’an, China (2015)

The City of Hobart signed a friendship city agreement with Xi’an in March 2015. It was signed in Xi’an by Hobart Lord Mayor Alderman Sue Hickey and Senior Deputy Mayor of Xi’an Yue Huafen in the presence of the Premier of Tasmania, the Honourable Will Hodgman.

The municipality of Xi’an is home to 8.5 million people (40 times the population of greater Hobart). Despite this difference in size, opportunities for cultural and economic exchanges have been identified in the fields of science and technology, culture, sports, health, education, research and tourism. The first exchanges are in the area of school education and festivals.

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Fuzhou, China (2017)

The City of Hobart signed a friendship city agreement with Fuzhou in January 2017. It was signed in Fuzhou in January 2017, by Deputy Lord Mayor Alderman Ron Christie and Acting Mayor of the Municipality of Fuzhou You Meng Jun. 

The municipality of Fuzhou has a population of 7.2 million people and is seven times smaller than Tasmania geographically. As a coastal city, it provides access to Taiwan and the south-east coast of China. It is the capital city of the Fujian Province, which has enjoyed a sister state relationship with Tasmania for 36 years. There are strong links at state and city level, with Mingjiang University having sent more than 1200 students to Tasmania.

Areas of cooperation have been identified in the fields of science and technology, culture, education, aquaculture, agriculture and tourism. 

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