Creative Hobart Strategy

Creative Hobart - Overview

The City of Hobart launched its cultural strategy – Creative Hobart(PDF, 2MB) – in June 2013 in response to Hobart’s strong traditions in craft and design, the performing arts, music and literature, and growing recognition nationally and internationally.

Central to the Creative Hobart Strategy is that the City would be less of a provider of cultural programs and services and more of a facilitator and coordinator. The goal is to continue to expand the range of programs throughout the city according to three priority areas.

Hobart - a platform for creativity

The City directly engages artists and cultural workers in the continual invigoration of Hobart’s built and natural public spaces, providing opportunities for the community to become actively and spontaneously involved in arts and culture.

Creating a sense of place: by enhancing the look and feel of city spaces through the promotion of civic pride, community involvement, acknowledgement of Hobart’s rich Aboriginal and European heritage, as well as the broad diversity and creativity of its people.

Activating public space: by using Hobart as an open stage for cultural activities – events in the streets, along the waterfront, in the parks or in bushland – to increase the use of public space.

Opening our facilities: by encouraging the use of the City’s rich and diverse range of facilities and alternative spaces (indoor, outdoor and underground) by the community for cultural activities.

Hobart - an incubator of creativity

We encourage and support creativity, innovation, excellence and diversity in the city. As a facilitator, we work with the creative sector and the community to foster a vibrant environment in which creativity can flourish and grow.

Nurturing creativity: by providing a supportive environment to nurture and develop creativity and innovation. The City supports those working in the arts and the creative industries to allow them to strengthen and grow.

Investing in innovation: by recognising that innovation in creativity needs support to develop and offering strategic investment of resources to encourage the exploration of ideas and innovative practices.

Celebrating quality and diversity: by nurturing opportunities that showcase the diversity, creativity and excellence of city’s artisan products and traditions and other arts activities.

Hobart - a connector of creativity

We promote programs and activities that provide a welcoming and supportive environment in which ideas and plans for the future are shared.

Connecting creative people: by strengthening existing networks and making new connections within the cultural sector, within the region and beyond for major organisations and individuals to inspire new initiatives that bring creative people together. 

Gathering and spreading knowledge: by widening the availability and accuracy of information about Hobart’s cultural and arts potential, including a sharing knowledge and skills.

Brokering connections: by identifying opportunities to connect individuals, small community groups and even large organisations with people inside and outside of the City of Hobart to simplify and smooth the way to encourage creative activities.

More Information

View the Creative Hobart Strategy(PDF, 2MB)

View a summary of the Creative Hobart Strategy - Summary(PDF, 31KB)

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