Councillor Ryan Posselt

Councillor Ryan Posselt

Cr Posselt is happily married and a father of two boys under 5. He grew up in Newcastle and has lived in Hobart since 2014. Cr Posselt said he had always felt a deep connection to nipaluna.

"Whenever I visited on holidays, I would step off the plane and feel as though I was arriving home," Cr Posselt said.

"This is home and where my family intend on staying for life."

Cr Posselt has worked in health since 2007 and started as a paramedic with NSW Ambulance in 2010. He has a Bachelor of Clinical Science, Bachelor of Nursing and Health Research Honors.

Cr Posselt has been a senior clinician in his field for many years and said he was comfortable leading multidisciplinary teams in high intensity environments, such as motor vehicle accidents. He has also been the vice chair and chair of the Tasmanian branch of the Paramedic College (2017-2020).

Cr Posselt put his hand up to become a councillor because he wanted the best future for his two kids in this great city.

"I wanted the community to be a strong as possible for them to grow up in: a place where relationships and people matter," he said.

"I want Hobart to be as liveable as possible, where people can live near where they work and movement from A to B is a breeze.

"I want society to be inclusive, where ability/disability, identity, skin colour, language, or the suburb in which you grew up doesn't predict your outcomes in life or your happiness.

"I joined council, because I want to help everyone live their best lives, everyday."