New Parking Meters - Frequently Asked Questions

When does my parking time begin?

When you park in a metered space your time begins as soon as you arrive. To allow for drivers to get organised at the start of their parking session a short grace period is given at the conclusion of each ticketed period. However drivers must start the app or pay at the meter as soon as is practicable to avoid overstaying. 

Why can't I top up the parking meter?

Staying longer than the allotted time (for example, more than two hours where a meter is marked as '2P') is referred to as feeding the meter and is not permitted. This practice contravenes over-parking laws under section 97 of the Local Government (Highways) Act 1982.

Will more parking fines be issued under the new system?

Parking and Information Officers will continue to walk their normal routes to check parking meters. The only change will be that the sensors will inform officers exactly how long a vehicle has been in a parking.

Will parking be more expensive under the new system?

Parking fees are reviewed at the end of each financial year. The installation of the new meters and sensors will not directly result in an increase in parking fees.

Is the City 'double-dipping' on leftover parking payments?

No. Far from double-dipping on time left over from the previous user of a parking space, a grace period is given to allow time for the next person to get organised at the start and end of every parking session.

The fees paid for each parking session are non-transferable to subsequent sessions/cars. To ensure you don’t overpay for your parking, if using the meter be careful to only pay for what you need – otherwise the best way to avoid any over payment is by using the EasyPark app – it helps ensure you pay for only the time you need.

How do I pay for only the time I actually use?

When paying by coins or card, drivers must make an estimate of how long they will park and make a payment to cover this period of time (within the permitted parking period). Coin and card payments must be made at the commencement of the parking session. Any remaining time will expire once the car leaves the bay.

Payment made via the app can be more precise as it is only made once the driver presses 'stop' to end the parking session and the car departs the bay. If you wish to ensure you pay only for the exact amount of time you park, the EasyPark app is your best option.

Paying by card – as there is no longer a minimum charge when paying by card the meter will default to an amount depending on the tariff (amount per hour of the zone). Your first press of the - + or Max button will activate the card payment side of the meter, then you are able to select the amount of time you require by again pressing the - + or Max button. This needs to be confirmed with the green tick before processing payment.

Why did the City install parking sensors?

Vehicle Detection Sensors allow the use of the EasyPark app and provide the City with information regarding parking usage to inform future planning.

What happens in parking spaces with no sensors?

Parking and Information Officers will continue to enforce the timed restrictions in areas that don't have sensors.

Why can't I find an active parking area when using the app?

The City of Hobart is operating from a bay-based system with EasyPark in Hobart. Map functionality is not required to use the app, drivers only need to know the bay number of where they want to park. Enter that number when asked to put in the 'Parking Area Code' and begin parking.

How does the EasyPark app know what city I'm in?

Your Parking Area Code (ie. bay number) is unique in Australia and tells the app exactly where you are located. If, after you enter the Parking Area Code, the app shows you are in the wrong city, double check the number as have most likely entered it incorrectly.

Does the EasyPark app cost more to use in Hobart compared to the rest of Australia?

No. EasyPark's rates are standardised across Australia.

Does it cost extra to use EasyPark?

With EasyPark you only pay for what you use. For this service EasyPark charge a 10% commission on your parking fee. For example, if you stay for 20 minutes on a $3/hr meter it will cost you just $1 + 10% or $1.10.

What if I have a problem using the new meters or the app?

Refer to the instructions on the meters. For help with the meters call 03 6238 2751. For more information on the app, call 1300 734 070 or visit the EasyPark website.

On-street parking is too expensive. What should I do?

The City of Hobart also provides off-street parking in and around the city centre, comprising around 2500 parking bays in total. These parks can be used at a more economical rate than on-street parking, which is intended for more short-term and occasional use. Drivers benefit from free parking in these facilities for the first 90 minutes, with resident pensioners receiving additional monthly free parking services.

Suggestions and feedback?

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