Parking permits for people with a disability

Australian Disability Parking Scheme

People with disabilities may be entitled to parking concessions as a member of the Transport Access Scheme (TAS). TAS is designed to assist people who, by reason of their disability, are totally reliant on private motor vehicles or taxis for transport.

If you are a member of the scheme, you can display the Australian Disability Parking Scheme permit on your car windscreen and stay over the time allowed at a metered parking space. You must still pay for the original parking time. You also receive other concessions relating to taxis and private vehicles.

There are two categories of permit available.

Permanent disabilities

If you have a permanent disability you can apply using a confidential application form available from any Service Tasmania office.

All states and territories of Australia recognise each other’s parking permits for people with disabilities, however the rules vary so it is best to check what is permitted in the areas you are visiting.

For more information, please visit the Department of State Growth (Transport).

Temporary disabilities

If you have a significant ambulatory disability (i.e. that restricts movement) that isn’t permanent, but is not likely to improve within six months, you may be eligible for a temporary permit.

The City of Hobart’s temporary permits are recognised state-wide. You can apply for a permit by completing and submitting the online Temporary disability parking permit application form. A printable form is available on our forms page.

As part of the application process you are also required to provide a medical report(PDF, 49KB) completed by a qualified health professional and attach it to your application. 

Temporary disabled permits cost $15.

Using an Australian Disability Parking Permit

The permit must only be displayed when the vehicle is being used to transport the permit holder.

It must be displayed so all details remain clearly visible through the passenger side of the front windscreen throughout the duration of parking.

Parking is not permitted in restricted locations (indicated by red signs) such as clearways, loading zones, no stopping zones, taxi only areas, bus zones and permit zones.

If you don’t meet the conditions, you may receive a parking fine.

Parking zones for people with disabilities

An Australian Disability Parking Permit entitles the permit holder to park a vehicle in a parking bay reserved for people with disabilities for the specified time limit only.

If the parking bay reserved for people with disabilities has the word ‘meter’ or ‘voucher’ displayed on the sign, then you must pay for the time you are parking for.

Example of parking signs indicating that the parking bay is reserved for disability parking permit holders:

Parking_signs - for disability parking permit holders.jpg

City Centre Mobility Map

For information about disabled access parking zones and toilets, steep gradients and rest spots around the city centre, see the City Centre Mobility Map.(PDF, 2MB)

Older people and those with a disability or health problem will find this comprehensive map helpful.

Maps are also available at the Customer Service Centre. 

Transport Access Scheme

The Transport Access Scheme, administered by the Tasmanian Government, assists people with a life-long permanent and severe disability which affects mobility. Find out more about Accessible Transport and Parking.