Major development applications

This page provides information about the City of Hobart's major development applications.

A major development application can be classified as:

  • proposals requiring planning consent that exceed 2000m2 in floor area and/or 3 storeys in height which are located within the area covered by the Sullivans Cove Planning Scheme 1997 and within the Central Business, General Business, Commercial and Urban Mixed Use Zones of the Hobart Interim Planning Scheme 2015
  • any City of Hobart capital works project with a value of $1 million or greater, which is intended for public use, or to which the public have regular access
  • any other development proposing the exercising of significant discretion under the prevailing planning scheme, and that the General Manager or a Director of the City of Hobart considers to be significant due to its scale, nature, value and/or location.


To view all City of Hobart development applications, as well as to submit a planning, building or plumbing application, add more information to your application, track the status of an application or search for historical applications, visit the Online Services Development Portal.


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